I’m Baaaaccck!!!

Yosemite is AMAZING!!!  I had a great time!!  I learned a few things about camping and hiking!!  First….when Selena and Dan say a hiking trip…. they mean hiking.  There is no drive to this place then HIKE up this mountain… they mean… hike from the camp site to the mountain and THEY will NOT come back later and pick you up!!!

Next a 35 year old sleeping bag is NOT the sleeping bag to take to YOSEMITE in MAY!!!  It is not warm enough for 20 to 40 degree nights.  NO NO NO!!  (BUT, if you make an excuse about the baby being too cold and insert her into the sleeping bag with you……. waaa’laaaaaa… bed warmer!!).
Next year… new sleeping bag.

An air mattress on the ground needs a heavy blanket under it… and over it… an air mattress on the ground is just cold air otherwise!!

Walking poles… amazing tools.  YOU DO need them in Yosemite!  Who knew!! I would never have thought of getting myself a set.  Thank you DH!!  These were a wonderful gift!!!!

My GelThotics? (read my full review by clicking a link! See?? I’m always working!!)  AMAZING inserts!!!  The days I wore my GelThotics my feet were so happy!!  GelThotics I Love you!!  My back didn’t hurt at all!! SEVEN DAYS of hiking!! WOW!!!  By the way, there is still time to enter and win your own pair!!  Trust me you will be so happy with these!!  (look at me… always with the subtle plugs!! I’m amazing!!)

Camel pack.  Amazing!!  Who would have thought that basically a bag of water with a super long straw would be such a great gift?!?!  Thank you Selena and Dan!!  (HOW cool is this!! I’m excited that I have my own walking poles and a camel pack?! WHO AM I?!?!?!)

I need a disposable way to brush my teeth.  The camp bathrooms…. well…. I want to brush my teeth somewhere else please.

I also need to figure a way to bring the internet with me!!  I won the Mohawk Rug I have been dying to get!!  AND LOST THE MOHAWK Rug because my 48 hours expired.   Stupid nature!!

These steps up to the waterfalls are where I dove to save a woman from plummeting to her death….(I’m a HERO!!!)…. or maybe I just lost my footing I can’t remember which….. either way came away with a nice rock burn. WOOO HOOO!!!  I got a rock climbing injury… shut up…. I was ON a rock… I fell…… I’m taking it!!  That is seriously the closest I am ever getting to rock climbing!!  E-V-E-R!!

Alice is 100% an outdoor girl.  She is the perfect camping/hiking buddy.  Her parents are INSANE!!!  Dan can push a baby stroller with Alice in it up a rocky steep slope!!  Selena can wear that backpack with Alice up rocky steep slopes… THEY ARE INSANE!!!  I can barely get ME up the rocky … blah blah blah.

Speaking of which, I need to get into better shape for next years Camping/Hiking trip… HOLY MOLY!!!

As much as I want to …….. I won’t bore you with a million pictures from Yosemite.  Maybe a few more scattered over the next few weeks….  I have so many so many pretty shots that I just have to share!!!
Giveaway Round-Up will return next Sunday.


  • AlicesMom

    Mom, thank you so much for coming with us. Peole – DO NOT let this woman downplay how much she worked on this “vacation”. Without Nonnie this mommy would have lost her shit. If i had to manage baby girl and the f- ing bear locker i would have patches of hair missing. I may have carried Alice up to the base of Vernal Falls and be a rock star slash role model to all moms but Nonnie was the real hero. Next year we do the whole family.

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