iMagnet Review & Give AWAY TOO!!

iMagnet mountToday’s review may have you shaking your head and saying “Ummmm whaaaaaaaa??? are you insane?????”

I said that myself in the beginning! I’m talking about the iMagnet iPad mount.  Now, everything I’ve ever known about magnets says ‘they do not mix with electronics’. So, why would I put my brand new iPad3 on a magnet? Well, for my readers of course! Rest assured my iPad still works just fine!  I’m actually writing this post on my iPad after using the iMagnet tablet mount for 2 weeks.

So what is an iMagnet Magnetic Mount??  Only the coolest thing ever for an iPad!! The iMagnet Magnetic Mount, is the perfect tablet mount, it seriously suctions EVERYWHERE!

iMagnet on the window 2

iMagnet on the window

The first place I used my iMount was actually ‘saving’ my iPad from Alice! Alice loves my iPad so much that I hardly get to use it myself when she is awake! But, Alice is a year old… and not the most gentle creature in the universe! I really love my iPad!! I don’t want it thrown to the floor and then walked on.(anymore) So the first thing I did was mount the iMagnet in the livingroom window.  Alice could easily watch her favorite “Gigglebellies” videos and my iPad was out of reach! AWESOME!!!  The iMagnet stayed all day long and when I did remove it from the window (the best part!!) it didn’t leave that tell-tale suction cup ring that means you have to wash the window!! WOWOW!  I have to mention the special sticky suction cup it’s twice as powerful vs. traditional suction cups. I’m tellin’ you this suction cup holds with amazing power! 

iMagnet in the carI started thinking of all the places I’ve wanted to use my iPad, like in the car! I drove around all day with the iMagnet in place!!  It held perfectly!!  Again, I don’t have to wash the window because there was a suction cup mark left on the window. WOO HOOO!!  (okay, the windows do need washing… but not from the iMagnet…. umm hummm those marks are thanks to Emma, Eli and Alice!)

iMagnet in the kitchen

What about the kitchen?  WOO HOOO! I can pull up recipes or watch a video and still have the use of all my counter space! (I have to laugh, that statement  makes it sound like I actually cook… we’re gonna  go with that! As long as my family doesn’t comment and rat me out!!) Oh YEA!! iMagnet is the perfect kitchen mount!

iMagnet over the changing table

I even found that the iMagnet worked on the wall over the diaper changing table. (Serioulsy!! I’ve never known a baby that hates, and I do mean HATES to have her diaper changed!!  But not when her show is on!!)

I’m on a ROLL with places my iMagnet Mount works! This is truly the perfect iPad stand!!

I’ve used the iMount while relaxing in the tub. Again the suction is amazing!! The steam didn’t weaken the seal. (Although I didn’t put it directly over the tub… I just couldn’t bring myself to be that brave!)

How easy is the iMagnet to use?  SUPER easy!! 1 handed even!!

iMagnet 3
iMagnet backiMagnet side view
The magnetic Lock-Secure Technology is 100% safe to use with iPads. 
The adjustable swivel is great for maximum accessibilty, allowing 360 degree rotation and 90 degree swivel.
Patented high-resilience sticky-gel suction cup is twice as powerful as standard suction cups! 
Works on most flat non-porous surfaces.  Seriously worked everywhere I’ve tried.  
I am 100% impressed with my iMagnet. After 2 weeks of using it everywhere I could think of, I can’t imagine NOT having it!!  I give the iMagnet 2 very enthusiastic thumbs up!! Every iPad owner should own this!!

The awesome people over at iMagnet have provided a 10% off coupon codeYNNHHVCH and are giving away an iMagnet iPad mount to one very lucky Peanut Butter and Whine follower.  Good LUCK!!!

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