iMo Camera Strap Review

(Spoiler alert! There is a 30% off code for your own strap hidden in this post!!)  Some of you know that DH bought me a fancy new Nikon camera which takes AAAAAAAAAAmazing pictures!! (DH dun GOOOD!).  The only thing that was boring about my new camera was the strap.  (Like how I just snuck that ‘WAS in there?? I’m smart like that!)
I am so very lucky to be able to bring you a review for iMo camera straps!!
The hardest part of this review? Deciding which strap I wanted!! The selection is that great!!

Camera StrapI am in love with my new camera strap!!
Look at the stitching! The leather is soft and such a rich gorgeous color!!
The strap itself is called LemonTree it’s made of neoprene, which I love for 1 special reasons!! #1 Alice under a year old??  Neoprene wipes off so easily!!  (WAIT!! Why are you touching Nonnie’s camera?!?!?!)
The strap is padded for great comfort!
I love love love the light yellow checked pattern!  It’s so ME!!  Course offering you a thirty percent off coupon code is so ME too!!!!  Add ‘peanut’ as a coupon code to receive 30% off your own strap!!
The strap doesn’t just look great! It’s got great functionality too! Since I’ve had my Nikon there are times I wish I didn’t have the strap on. But there is no way I’m going to sit down and remove the strap…. nope takes WAY too long to remove and put back on!  No! Not gonna happen. That is what makes this strap so AMAAAAZING!!!!!!!!!!!  The strap has a quick release!! The part of the strap that is attached to the camera STAYS ON THE CAMERA!!!  Brilliant!! And easily my favorite part of the strap!
The webbing is 1/2 inch which is very sturdy. With an expensive camera you don’t want a flimsy strap! NO!!  No… just the thought gives me goose bumps.
Now if you have a smaller camera don’t worry! iMo has ya covered.  Go check them out!  You’ll love the prices and fast shipping too!!
You can also check out iMo on Facebook stop in and say Hi and thank you for offering Peanut Butter and Whine readers 30% off their own camera strap! iMoHere is a little more about LemonTree… ya… know… MY new camera strap!!

Total Length:      Adjustable length 45.5 — 55.5 inches
Fashion part:      Around 29.5 inches
Width:                 Around 1.6 inches
Nylon Webbing: 13 inches on each end
Disclosure: I received a sample of a product to facilitate my review. No other compensation was provided and and all views and opinions stated on this post are 100% my own


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