Improving Your Hiring Process

There are rarely any industries that technology hasn’t had an enormous impact and is changing the way that things are done. Often it can be smaller changes that are only noticed inside the company, and other times it will be bigger process changing implementations. When you apply technology to traditional processes, you can often see that the more labor-intensive tasks are lightened. And in some cases, they may only need a light-touch from a human. 

One of those processes that can change for the better is hiring new staff. Here are just a few ways that you can improve your hiring process using technology. 

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Machine Selection

Since companies have been able to open up their entire hiring process online, there has been the unwanted impact of having thousands of applicants that don’t match the job role, casting a wider net is brilliant for finding plenty of people with skills, but it can mean that it is too much for anyone human to manage. Enter artificial intelligence. With the correct machine learning tools, a computer can quickly sort all of the applications into a Yes or No pile. This will result in pre-screened applications going into the hands of the decision-makers. 


After there is a shortlist of people ready to be interviewed, there can be an issue finding time that suits both parties. That becomes less of a problem when you have the ability to have a video interview. Due to the fantastic audio and video fidelity we have, combined with the highspeed broadband, we can have interviews in a minute with the simple press of a button anywhere in the world. 


The way that business attracts talent has changed over the last few years. Where once there would be an advert in the newspaper job listing section, there is now a myriad of ways to find a job – online. Technology has given us the option to apply filters to find the job we are looking for. And in many cases, the application can now be as simple as adding your LinkedIn link into their online form or uploading your CV. This makes the whole application process much quicker than manually posting your CV. 


After your desirable candidate has passed a few of the hurdles, it is time for the real face to face meeting. You can still employ technology in this final stage to help you make the right selection. Using an online aptitude and personality tests will give you insight into if that person is the right match for your company culture as well as if their skills match what you are looking for. You can also have a range of background checks completed in minutes using the right software and online checking system. 

Technology has given us the option to speed up the hiring process, which will also cut the costs too. And, it means that the people responsible for making the right hires are much less likely to have to leave anything to chance or hope for the best.

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