IntelliNotion Headlamp Review

Christmas Gift Idea Men, Mechanics and Outdoor Adventure Seekers

If you have ever had to hold a flashlight so that someone could work on an engine, work under the skin or anywhere that’s dark; have I got a gift idea for you!!! This is the IntelliNotion Headlamp. WOW!!! First, this has to be the most comfortable headlamp I’ve ever worn!! The straps are padded!! This headlamp is so comfortable you forget you have it on!! The straps are made of a strong elastic strong, but it’s very soft and very secure too. There is an adjustable buckle, so this will truly fit any size head. The head strap is breathable too. So even if it’s middle of summer you’ll be comfortable wearing this.

The  headlamp is LED lit and made of high-quality ABS plastic.  It’s water-resistant.  The material is extremely flame retardant and has a high impact resistance!! Which is so important if you do forget you have it one and whack your head on the hood of the car…… ummmm like no one I KNOW!! This IntelliNotion headlamp is also very lightweight! As in just 4 ounces!! Fantastic combination!! Strength, toughness, rigidity, heat resistance and lightweight make the IntelliNotion Power Headlamp 150 a FANTASTIC headlamp!

The casing for the light is made of aluminium alloy, which is an extremely strong, but lightweight and durable material. Because of the aluminium alloy, IntelliNotion Power Headlamp 150 is resistant to corrosion and its stability and safety are not compromised. This is like having a fortress on your head minus the bulk and weight!

The IntelliNotion headlamp uses 3 AAA batteries. BONUS! The batteries arrived inside the headlamp, just remove the little plastic piece that keeps the lamp off while in transit. IntelliNotion recommends using Energizer AAA regular alkaline batteries; which gives a whole lot of power and long running time. DO NOT use Lithium ion batteries. The battery compartment is easy to open so changing batteries is a snap!

Tapping into the latest technology for maximum output, IntelliNotion Power Headlamp 150 is one of the best LED headlamps on the market. LED lights are preferred when lights will be used for long stretches of time or if they will be used often. There is no glass or filament to break, and the LED light lasts almost forever. Because of the incredible energy efficiency of CREE XRE-Q5 LED, the Power Headlamp 150 consumes less power while producing the brightest light… you won’t waste a fortune on batteries!


Super bright as in 150 lumens! Which means it’s twice as BRIGHT any other model!  Side by side with our old headlamp I was blown away by the difference!! WOW that’s a lot of light!!

Another feature that I absolutely love is the zoom!! You really won’t miss anything with this light!! There is plenty of lit space with a beam distance of up to 200 meters again that’s 2 times as FAR as other headlamps on the market.  This headlamp is SO bright and so precise! Wherever you are looking there is light!! The headlamp has three settings: bright as the sun, not quite as bright, and strobe. It zooms for a narrow or wide beam and it tilts 90 degrees. The head straps will easily fit any size head comfortably. Then there is the tilt!!! DH loves the tilt. He can adjust the light where he needs the most light.

Lifetime Guarantee



NOT a single one!! Bright light where you need it.  A comfortable fitting headlamp, strong casing, all on 3 AAA batteries. I can’t say enough good things about this headlamp! Biggest bonus for me?  I don’t have to hold that flashlight ever again!!! SWEEEEEET!!!


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