iTOMTE Gnome!

OHMYGOSH, I was going to start this post off with “I am totally obsessed with…….” then in a thought bubble over my head I heard Sarah, Kate, Michele, Tamra and the rest of the PBnWhine loop would be mumbling “GOOD LORD GIRL, what AREN’T you obsessed with!!

Now, I have sat here a full 5 minutes, in front of my laptop with only that line written. Well, onacounta it really IS the ONLY way TO start this post.

I am TOTALLY obsessed with the gnomes at iTOMTE! I love these little guys!! (There I feel better now!)

Swedish Gnomes

These are hand crafted Gnomes also known as Tomte or Nisse. Since these are shy little Gnomes not many people know about them. Living in the woods of Smaland they are said to be lucky! That’s according to Scandinavian Folklore. The Tomte guard the home, farms and children; especially at night.

I have been collecting them for the last 3 years. This years addition to my collection grew by three.  One is a tree ornament, the other is for a key ring and the third is a plant stake.

The plant stake gnome is 12.5″ high and has an attached stake.

Swedish Gnome

Now, I don’t really see any difference in the key ring gnome and the tree ornament. They appear to be the same in every way. Both are 8″ including the beard hair but not including the string and the key ring. Yes, both have a key ring on the end of the string.

Swedish Gnome

Each of the iTOMTE Gnome is hand crafted. The red hat and the nose are made with wool. The long soft beards are made of a fiber fur that looks REAL!

I want them ALLLLLLL!!! ALL of them. Although, this will be my next one. At 12″ tall he would happily sit on my table as a centerpiece. Then of course the iTOMTE Speaker Gnome!! I want them ALL!!


No whines here. These are so absolutely adorable that I don’t think you could collect just one!!


  • wings io

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  • Tamra Phelps

    Lol, obsessions are good! (as long as they don’t involve stalking.) Hey, they give you a reason to get up in the morning, ha!

  • Sherrie Cruson

    I think Gnomes are adorable but I have to admit I don’t really know the story behind Gnomes. Would be interesting to read more about them and how they came to be in Scandinavian folklore.

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