ITOMTE Rocks Christmas Gnomes AGAIN!!!!!

Yes, I am OBSESSED with ITOMTE Gnomes!!! Each one is individually handmade with lots of love! Every year they release new designs and this year is Moose!! The Heaven Sends Plush Sitting Moose is one of the original designs by ITOMTE’s Swedish artists and made in the United States.

I am so blessed to be invited every year to review a new addition to my collection. These year the MOOSE have invaded!!!! MOOSE!! I am so excited! What better ITOMTE gnomes than MOOSE one for our new home in Idaho?!?!

My iTOMTE Gnome collection has grown again!! I can’t even tell you how cute these little guys are in real life. The beards! The hats! The NOSES the beards!! AND now the MOOSE!!!!!

ITOMTE Gnome Moose

Starting with the sitting moose gnome he has dangling legs a cute little red santa hat. His boots and antlers are made of a faux leather cloth. He is 21″ long. 

  • SPIRIT OF MOOSE — The moose is a symbol of pride, life, and strength. Dreaming moose means that a lucky break is about to happen. This adorable will look fabulous to stay on your Christmas table to bring luck to you all the time.

The Sitting Moose Gnome has a white neck scarf with red tassels. Gray polka dot shorts with red cuffs. He has a weighted bottom so he sits where you place him and he doesn’t budge.

Next up is the 16″ standing Christmas Moose. OMGGGGEEEEEEEEE!!! With his little sweater that looks 3 times too small for his body. He makes me smile every single time I look at him!! The fur on the Moose both sitting and standing are a soft brown plush.

He has a white/gray santa hat and the same worn leather looking antlers and boots. He is so perfect in the corner!

Seriously, how adorable is that face?!

Next up, this year I was sent a candle holder which I am having a GREAT time with!!! The ITOMTE Swedish Design Black Iron Window Candle is a simple four candle centerpiece type holder. The dish has a small lip all the way around. The simple design looks great alone or with decorations!

First, I made a Christmas themed centerpiece. I walked outside my door and collected pine cones, then sprayed them with silver paint. The centerpiece looked so pretty. All I have on hand is green candles; but I think it will look much fancier with some silver or gold candle sticks. Of course, I wasn’t happy with look, it was too blah, so I added a few gold accents. I’m much more pleased with the look now.
Then since Christmas is still 2 months away, I took that apart and created a Halloween center -piece.

Yes, I do loveeeeeeee Halloween!!

Of course, I had to add to my standing Gnome collection with this standing gnome He is all beard, nose and belly and of course super tall hat. This little guy also has the worn faux leather look to his hat. Metal red feet complete the overall cuteness!  17″ tall from the bottom of his little metal feet to the top of his ridiculously tall hat! 

These gnomes are individually handmade with lots of love! He stands with round big belly, supported by his long steel legs. He has a spring device in the body, once touched he dances.  The light brown belly and white beard are made of fiber fur.

These are hand crafted Gnomes also known as Tomte or Nisse. Since these are shy little Gnomes not many people know about them. Living in the woods of Smaland they are said to be lucky! That’s according to Scandinavian Folklore. The Tomte guard the home, farms and children; especially at night.


I love my collection of iTOMTE Gnomes so much, they stay out year round they are just THAT CUTE!!! I can’t wait to station my little lucky gnomes throughout the new house! The are SO CUTE!!


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