It’s A New Year!

Well, HECK! As of May 2023, Purple Trail is no longer in business.

Okay, okay don’t panic!! You didn’t sleep through the holidays, I am just a tad early. However, y’all know I hate to wait for the last minute for the important stuff! Like decorating for Halloween *did that in September. Decorating for Christmas  *November 1st (unless I can sneak the tree up when The Husband makes the weekly trip to the dump! I would have to work fast! However, I do believe that I am up for the challenge!)

Again, you should see inside my brain. (SHINY!! SQUIRELL!!) Let’s get back to the whole ‘It’s a New Year’ topic. One of my favorite things about ringing in a new year is a new day planner.

I’ve tried electronic calendars but a paper one just works so much better for me. I make notes, I add stickers and doodles. What can I say, I love the cutesy stuff!  My day planner is a daily diary for me, not just an appointment tracker. I track my entire life in my day planner.

Finding a planner that gives me room to write everything I have to write, want to write and allows me to track things that are important to me AND (here’s the big one!) is pretty takes me awhile. I’m picky.

For the rest of 2021 and through 2022 I found THE PERFECT answer for me. Check out PurpleTrail.

Why is this planner perfect?

Because I designed it!!! Yup, PurpleTrail has options that allow me to tweak the design to MY perfect specifications ALL THE WAY TO DESIGNING FROM SCRATCH!! OhhhhhMMMMMGEEEEE how giddy am I!?!?

There are so MANY ways to customize your planner.  Pick your size. I choose 6″ by 8″ because I want it to fit in my purse.


When you hover over options a box will pop up with details. I selected a synthetic cover over the hardbound, or laminate.  I chose synthetic because its a more durable cover and gave me the option to add designs to the inside covers.


Additional options are page layouts; I choose the unique, fun, colorful layout. There are other options as well. Horizontal. Vertical. Colorful, neutral gray. Option after option are available to us.

I also chose to have my planner start in October!!! How cool is that?!?! I LOVE getting to use my NEW PLANNER RIGHT NOW!!!!!!!!!!!  Sorry, it just felt like a shouting moment.

I love my new daily planner. With my own personalization. My name is on the front cover in the font I chose. It’s so cute!!

I added one of the hundreds of sentiments available on PurpleTrail inside the front cover. (PurpleTrail and I together are SO FUNNY!) There are so many ways to customize your planner. Sayings, pictures, stickers SO many ideas!


There are so many ways to customize your planner. Sayings, pictures, stickers SO many ideas! I added a tracker, I have a place for my gratitude reminder. So much wonderful packed into this planner that I truly could go on and on!

Ordering my planner was so easy. Shipping was wicked fast. My planner arrived well packaged and arrived in pristine condition.

I am beyond giddy with my (MADE in THE USA) new planner.

Before I go and start updating Birthdays, Anniversaries and such into my new planner I want to mention there are a million different planners! (Okay, fine! Maybe not a million) but there are SO many different planners, from Hairstylist to Teacher planners, Wedding Planners! Planners for Mom’s, Pet lovers, and so many, many more). Not just planners either! Cards, Guest Books, Invitations. You should go look. Really! Go. I’d love to know your favorite.



  • Tamra Phelps

    I still love planners. I just like feeling organized, lol. I don’t kid myself that I actually am organized, but I FEEL organized.,

  • gloria patterson

    I used to be a planner person!! I guarded that with my life because it had everything in it. today not so much to plan so I gave it up and just use my phone. I have a lot of teacher friends that spend a lot of time to find the perfect planner and they fill it up

  • heather

    I am old school and keep a small paper planner in my purse for appointments. These look really nice and would also make a nice gift thanks for sharing. I also like that you mentioned it arrived super fast that is important to me when ordering online.

  • Karen R

    I like to actually write birthdays, doctor appointments and school activities on paper. That is in addition to the digital calendar.

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