Josh Duhamel Daddy to Be!!

Nothing is more exciting and nerve-wracking than the arrival of your first child – and celebrity parents are no exception!  Josh Duhamel, 40, can attest to this, as he’s one busy dad-to-be.  With his baby boy arriving in less than a week, Josh has been busy with Valspar Paint and Habitat for Humanity launching Valspar Hearts and Hands for Habitat, a program that benefits Habitat’s Disaster Response program.

What else has Mr. Duhamel been up to?  What inspired him to get involved in the Valspar/Habitat program? How is he feeling about impending fatherhood?

Celebrity Baby Scoop has all the details!  Here’s a sneak peek:

· On his involvement in the Habitat program: “I feel especially passionate about this program because after my hometown in North Dakota was hit in 2011, I saw firsthand how many families were affected and how many people needed to rebuild.”

· On becoming a father: “Excitement isn’t even the word.  Everybody I know that has children says it changes their life and that you cant understand the kind of love you have for a child until you have a kid, and I’m so excited for that.”

· On what kind of mother he thinks Fergie will be: “She’ll be great.  I have no doubt she’ll be an amazing mom.”


To find out what’s next for Josh and to read more about how he thinks he’ll handle being in the delivery room, check out the full interview here.

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  • ANN*H

    Congrats to Josh and his wife – He says he want to be in the delivery room – dont faint LOL its an amazing thing to see your child born. Habitat for the Humanity is a wonderful thing to help the people.

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