Just do it… don’t make me nag!

My daughter Selena recently updated her CPR credentials and was after me to update mine as well.  (Ya, I see ya rollin’ your eyes, I know you did…… cause I rolled MINE!) BUT!!! This story really hits home just how important that is!!   I watched an interview with football player Heyward Demison, Jr., a HIGH SCHOOL JUNIOR! who says that after catching a pass and running into the end zone for the winning touchdown he started to feel dizzy and lightheaded and wakes up in the hospital. 
Below is an article is from FoxNew.com.
Shortly after catching a pass for the winning touchdown, Central Catholic player Hayward Demison’s heart stopped last Friday.
The Oregonian reports that the 6-foot-1, 195-pound high school junior thought he was suffering from an asthma attack. He wasn’t. He was having a heart attack.
After people realized the gravity of the situation, a nurse rushed out from the stands to do chest compressions. After 60 compressions and two rescue breaths, Demison’s pulse came back.
Demison has been diagnosed with a heart defect, but his heart didn’t sustain damage after the cardiac arrest and he will under go surgery in two weeks. Doctors expect a full recovery.
Demison says he’s truly blessed and thankful to the nurse who saved his life.

Now… go find a CPR class in your community!  Cause I don’t need a whole lotta people just watchin’ me lay there! Somebody better be startin’ my heart to workin’ again! I’ll come back to haunt ya’all!!  I swear I will!!

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