Kia Soul from the Drivers Seat

Kia Soul Car 2

Oh my gooooooodness this Kia Soul has PERKS!!!  Starting with the door.  See that little black button?  As long as you have the key’s on you (pocket, purse, wherever) you push that black button you can unlock the door OR lock and ALARM the car!!!  WHAAAA?????  HOW cool is THAT?!?!?!  Yes, I’ve played with the door A LOT!!  It’s the first thing I show everyone.  Daughter Selena, the one in law enforcement, was immediately skeptical of this feature that since I would be inside the car and the key fob with me…… then the ‘bad guys’ could just follow me in…. HA!! It’s a smart car!!  Once I’m inside the door locks and I’m safe and secure.  Another, safety perk when the car is started the doors lock. You also can’t start the car without your foot on the brake.
Kia Soul Car 3

Isn’t this a pretty inside?  I love the 2 tone, black and sand, leather interior!  The inside looks so  luxurious. The seats are comfortable, heated with  excellent lumbar support which makes driving long distances very comfortable. There is a LOT of headroom in this car too.  I mean A LOT!! Even the tall 6′ guys in our family had no problem, front or back seat.

On the steering column are radio controls, phone controls, including one button to speak the persons name that you want to phone.

I love the auto feature for the headlights. When the car is on the lights are on and stay on after the car is turned off for an additional minute which helps light the way at night. (You can choose to turn that off as well.)

Auto-dimming rearview mirror is a really awesome feature!! I’ve never had one before and MAN… now I know what I’ve been missing!! That’s awesome!!  I’m also thrilled with the compass in the rear view mirror.  Trust me… I need a compass….. I can get lost going to my own mailbox at the end of my own driveway!!!

Check back tomorrow…. this Kia Soul is fully loaded with awesome features that I can’t wait to share with you.. but right now?  Now I’m gonna go drive somewhere!! Because, this car is FUN to drive!!

I highly recommend heading over to get a quote and schedule a test drive. Why not let the dealers fight for your business??  All in one spot? Request your quote today!! See?? I took care of everything!  I’m a blogging keeper!  HONEST!!!

A few more perks from the 2013 Kia Soul.

Disclosure I received The Kia Soul for a week to test drive for the purpose of my review. No other compensation was provided. The opinions are mine and 100% honest. I have not been influenced in any way. (even though they aren’t letting me keep it!)

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