Kids II Taggie Review

I truly believe that Taggie’s are the greatest inventions for babies and toddlers!  SERIOUSLY!! This new Taggie from KidsII is the softest taggies I’ve Baby Alice has ever had.  This one though?  Sooooo  my favorite!!  It’s PINK!!  It has Hugs and Kisses and Love written on one side with Hearts. (I am a sucker for those all wrapped together!!) A solid hot pink on the other side.
KidsII taggie
Taggies are 12″ x 12″ (not including the taggies) 

I have a taggie in car, diaper bag, playpen, crib, one in the wash. Ya wanna know why I have a taggie in every area??  It’s like having a security blanket on steroids!!  I can have one in the wash and one everywhere else Alice is.  She loves a taggie when she is falling asleep. She loves to rub the taggie part of the blanket until she falls asleep, when she’s awake she wants to eat the taggies.
Each of our taggies from Kids II has been through the wash dozens of times and we do not have a loose seam, missing taggie or a stain on any of them.

Blanket taste test

With Baby Alice teething she BITES the taggies and the workmanship is so great nothing is loose!!  The Taggies are small enough she can hang on to them as she is ‘walkin’ around.

hugs blanketon the go with taggie
These just make us HAPPY!!!
laughing baby
Super SUPER SOFT!!!  AND soft even after several washes!! 

Smelling my blanky

Taggie packaging

Kids II really has everything you need for babies and toddlers.  (ohhhh and my favorite… an entire section called Pretty in Pink!!)  I’ve found lots of Bright Starts product at Walmart.  Or check their website for all the places Bright Starts is available, you won’t be disappointed.

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