Back when my husband and I were still dating he invited me to Las Vegas for my first NASCAR experience. I was fascinated with his tailgate equipment. A full size grill that folded down for just such occasions. On that trip he further impressed me with THE BEST TRI TIP I have ever had. He can’t jump-start a car but the man can cook! Flash forward several years now I am the grill master. I grill everything: fruit, veggies, meat – definitely meat but my downfall is I’m a lazy grill cleaner. I intend to clean it as soon as I am done consuming the grilled delights but find ways to put it off, “its dark out so I wont be able to clean it well”, “its cold now so the charred remains will be harder to get off”, and on and on and on.

Taking all of this into account I was introduced to the Kona® BEST BBQ GRILL MAT. Tonight in celebration of our nations birthday I fired up the grill to roast some wieners. At first I was leery about putting something that looks and feels very much like plastic onto our new grill but after reading the pahotdog (2)ckaging carefully and googling the product for reassurance I laid the mats on the rack. initially as an experiment I started a couple of the hotdogs on the rack as normal and the other half on the mat. aesthetically the grill marks on a hot dog are almost as important as the warmth and taste. remarkably the mat not only heats the dogs evenly it also creates grill marks.

What I really liked about the grill mat (I eventually moved all of the dogs to the mat) is that you can grill a lot more stuff on the mat than the rack. there is no risk of bits rolling between the grill bars, the juices stay on the mat and therefore go back onto, into the food.

I’m intrigued that the Kona® BEST BBQ GRILL MAT can be cut to fit the grill. Tonight I just slapped both down and cooked as usual and then when I was done I took the mats inside the house and washed them with the rest of the dinner dishes. Yeah me! Don’t get too excited though, I havent put the mats back outside on the grill for next time yet, but I will…eventually.

The Kona® BEST BBQ GRILL MAT is definitely worth your money.

Kona® BEST BBQ GRILL MAT – Set of 2 Mats – Up to 400% Thicker Than Miracle, Yoshi, Others Plus 2,000 Uses – Free 7YR Replacement – Makes A Great BBQ Accessories Gift! For Grilling Meat, Veggies, Seafood, PIZZA – No Fall Through, No Flame Ups, Non-Stick

KONA(TM) 600 DEGREE PEAK TEMP, 500 degree recommended searing temp, non-stick BBQ grill mats are surprisingly thin, but will not burn or melt. DO NOT place directly on charcoal. Lay mat over grill grates about 7″ from burners and go! These mats are also perfect for baking!


No more dirty grill. No more dirty food! EZ clean surface allows you to cook the messy, saucy dishes without losing those wonderful juices, yet cleans up easily.

Contributed by the New Mrs. Selena Price.


  • Starla B

    I am literally starving now! This looks and sounds so awesome! Grilling is my favorite for Spring and Summer!


    Connie, you’re making me hungry! It’s years since I was at a barbie; they don’t rate terribly high on the to-do list during an Irish summer, I’m afraid! And as for cleaning, let’s face it, life is far too short to be worrying about such things!

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