Kristian Regale Sparkling Juice Review

Kristian Regale Juices Black CurrantKristian Regale Juices 1

Kristian Regale Sparkling Juices. ‘It’s Time to Sparkle’ is right!
Oh my gooooooodness these are good!!!!!!!

Kristian Regale Juices Peach

We always has sparkling juice in the fridge. Now it will be Kristian Regale inn our fridge. Kristian Regale Sparkling Juice is perfection!! The flavors are phenomenal!
My favorite is the Black Currant it’s a beautiful pink color and light, crisp and sooooo delicious!!

The peach flavor is DH’s favorite and a close second for me. The Peach tastes exactly like a fresh peach that you reached up and picked from a tree in your yard and took a bite. SO good!! SO GOOD!!

Equally as great are the apple, pomegranate, pear, pomegranate-apple, lingonberry-apple flavors. There isn’t a bad flavor in the batch! These are so delicious! Each of the Kristian Regale flavors are light and crisp and packed with flavor. ┬áThese will be on our table Thanksgiving and Christmas! Even Alice loved these and she’s 1!

Kristian Regale, is all natural, without preservatives or artificial flavors!  Less sugar but amazing flavors! Each flavor is alcohol-free, no gluten, no caffeine. Each flavor is perfect with food and just for a refreshing, quench your thirst drink.

The Kristian Regal company was founded in 1987 in Hudson, WI and is sold through mainstream supermarket chains, specialty gourmet and natural food stores.

Disclosure I received complimentary products for the purpose of my review. No other compensation was provided. The opinions are mine and 100% honest. I have not been influenced in any way.


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