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LapWorks Sky Crane Review

I’m exhausted and I completely and totally blame the folks at HeldTite. I was sent a LapWorks Sky Crane iPad and Tablet floor stand to review and all bets for a long night sleep were off. I have dropped my iPad on my head more times than I care to count because I’ve started to doze off.  Then I started laying on my side but really how many shows can you watch laying on your side with earphones in your ears?? Not many I assure you. Which means I go to sleep earlier.

The Sky Crane is a floor-based viewing stand, that provides me with a secure and comfortable way to hold my iPad while I comfortably watch my shows. I have the ability to situate my iPad to the perfect viewing position.  This is a BRILLIANT design!!

The Sky Crane is constructed in all steel. This stand does NOT move or shake. The Sky Crane incorporates a tripod base and folding legs, provides stability and adjustability. I promise you this unit will move and adjust any way you want!!!  There are five points of adjustment, which means I can easily manipulate my screen for perfect positioning and a comfortable viewing experience!

The Sky Crane incorporates a counter-balanced arm that can extend up to 24 inches and angles 180 degrees!! I love that I can move the arm to put my iPad in the center of the bed so The Husband and I can watch the same show. The telescoping pedestal can rise up to 56 inches; 76 inches with the arm angled vertically.

The Sky Crane can easily accommodate a variety of viewing positions. I can sit on the couch and use my iPad with the Sky Crane. I can lay in bed and use my Sky Crane. Use the treadmill, sit at my desk; so many possibilities. This is a versatile and amazing stand.

The Sky Crane’s holding bracket stretches from 7.75 to 12.75 inches and easily secures tablets with 7″ to 10.50″ screens. An added bonus the holding bracket is a half an inch thick so I never have to take my cover off of my iPad.  The holding bracket has a ball-joint swivel that rotates 360 degrees which means I can quickly and easily switch from portrait to landscape, or anywhere between.

The Sky Crane’s unique holding bracket design makes the unit effortless to use – attaching and removing an iPad or Tablet can be done in mere seconds.

I can remove my iPad or take my iPad off the Sky Crane in the dark and not wake up The Husband. The Sky Crane is also perfect for a sleepover!! Alice actually took a NAP because she didn’t have to hold the iPad so she was able to relax!

When it comes to usability and protecting an iPad or Tablet, the holding bracket is quick and easy to use, lined with hard rubber non-slip pads and incorporating strong, reliable spring-loaded arms with hard rubber corner captures that are guaranteed not to scratch mobile device surfaces. The unique corner capture system locks into place and never fails. It allows users to select which corners of the mobile device are covered, so buttons, ports and cameras remain available for use.  The tripod is solid and fits under my bed and nightstand so it’s not a trip hazard. If I decide to store this away (doubtful!!) the legs fold up for easy storing.
The Sky Crane is available in pure white or black satin finish.

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Not a SINGLE solitary one!! Well, except the fact that I am so comfortable watching my shows that it’s 1 or 2 in the morning before I’m asleep!! So again! I am totally exhausted and it’s due to the Sky Crane!! This is the most user-friendly, stable, adjustable tablet floor stand I’ve found. My iPad is secure and I’m not dropping my iPad on my head at night!
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