Large Reusable Tote Bag By DHD Culinary Review

I can’t think of a better item to review just after Earth Day. This is an AWESOME, large size, reusable tote bag that has another really awesome feature. This bag is insulated!!
Not only is this convenient and good for the earth, it makes sense financially as well. With more and more stores charging for bags at check out this is a MUST HAVE bag!! This bag folds up flat so it’s easy to store in my car until shopping day. It’s also perfect for trips to beach; just pack it full of lunch and snack goodies and we’re good to go.

This is a roomy insulated, reusable tote. Measuring a full 12″ long, 9¾” wide and 14½” tall.  This bag also has 23″ handles so it fits on your shoulder. I promise you can fit a LOT of food in this bag. This bag will hold up to 25 POUNDS of food!! That; my friend is a LOT of food! The folks at DHD Culinary thought of everything; they added a nice deep front pocket that works fantastic for my coupons and my wallet.

The vinyl type of material that is the outside makes this bag very easy to clean.

This insulted bag is a beautiful green color with a zipper at the top. This bag not only keeps your food and drinks cold for hours but works fantastic for hot items!!  Taking food for pot luck? Just grab this tote and arrive with food that’s ready to serve.


I do wish there wasn’t a huge gap when the tote is zippered shut. I’ve found a quick fix; I use big clips to close the bag. Other than that the I don’t have any other complaints about his bag. This bag is roomy, strong, durable and more importantly this insulated, reusable tote keeps food cold!! From the grocery store to home. From home to the beach! I love this bag!!



  • Tamra Phelps

    I remember when people rolled their eyes at reusable bags. Now we all use them. I agree about gaps around the zipper. The ones I use are a tight seal to keep frozen foods cold.


    We’ve had to pay for shopping bags for years in Ireland so everyone always has a couple in the boot of the car or rolled up in a pocket but you can never have enough cooler bags. Funnily enough I never think of using them to keep things hot but that’s probably down to the Irish weather! It might be glorious when we leave the house, but by the time we’ve got to the beach it’s started to rain!

  • Christine A.

    Some stores around me give a small discount for bringing in reusable bags for groceries so this would be nice to keep in the car. I really like that the tote bag is insulated so I could easily wipe it clean.

  • barrie

    I love the size of this bag…it’s huge and I can’t believe how much food it can hold! The zipper is awesome as I pack my reuseable bags full and then items fall out…no more!

  • Tamra Phelps

    It looks like it is really roomy, which is a good thing. It can be hard to find totes big enough to carry casserole dishes, etc.

  • Carol S.

    In my house you can never have enough totes! And they just started charging 5 cents for paper or plastic bags at the grocery stores in the southern part of the state, so I’m sure it will be here within a few months.

  • Sandy Cain

    I really love the fact that it’s insulated, and that it folds up so easily. Schlepping my groceries home from the supermarket in the summer (no car here, I know!), gets the ice cream melting, etc. And I can put it easily folded in my other tote that I always carry. Ok…I have a large purse (like a duffel bag), 2 totes……I think I need a suitcase!

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