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Every few days I look for updates on Brennan Eden and I finally found some good news! Brennan’s been released from the hospital and is back home with his family. I know I say it every time I bring up Brennan’s name but MAN!! That guy is the luckiest guy on earth! To survive that crash God has something important in store for him. What a LUCKY LUCKY young man. I can’t even imagine the relief his Mom feels. (I think it’s time to call and harp at my own kids to SLOW DOWN!!  Yup yup…. and don’t just put my call to voice mail!!)  Now because I personally can’t get enough of the video I’m posting it one more time. I still can’t believe someone could live through this crash. (I KNOW I KNOW I sound like a broken record… but DAMN!!!!)

WHIO Local News

Teen injured in dramatic I-675 crash released from hospital
By Matt Natali @ September 28, 2010 1:25 PM Permalink | Comments (0)
BEAVERCREEK, Ohio — The teenager who survived a dramatic crash on Interstate 675 last month as it was caught on cruiser cam video is out of the hospital.

Brennan Eden, of Mason, was released from the Drake Rehabilitation Center in Cincinnati Tuesday with undisclosed injuries.

Police said Brennan, 19, was the driver of the car that drove off I-675 the morning of Aug. 26 and hit a guardrail that launched him into the bridge support of an overpass.

The whole accident was caught on cruiser cam video that made national headlines and has gotten over a million views on

No one else was injured in the crash.

Eden had been cited on suspicion of drug use and then released by Beavercreek police before the crash.

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