Let’s Play Dress Up!! With The Castle Fairy Dress!!

For five-year-old Alice Playing dress up is serious business. When she plays dress up she becomes that character.  Whether it’s an animal like a puppy or her favorite a kitty. She could be a super hero like Wonder Woman or a fairy princess. She could be Snow White or Cinderella. Now she can add being a bride to her dress up closet!! Alice’s dress up closet rivals Carrie Bradshaw’s closet. (That’s Carrie from Sex In The City in case the name doesn’t ring a bell).

We found the perfect dress for the little bride in your house at a price that is SO AFFORDABLE!! This white formal dress is really a Flower Girl dress or First Communion dress. But at a price that the dress can easily be played in after the big event.

The Castle Fairy Dress is absolutely beautifully detailed with sequins and pearls. The back of this dress even flows nicely into a slight train. Absolutely perfection for the little bride!!

The dress fits perfectly.  Alice is 48 pounds and 46″ tall. I ordered her the size 8.  The dress fits beautifully. The dress if fully lined. There is NOTHING that itches inside; no unfinished seams or netting. Just a fully lined cotton lining.


The dress is made of satin and tulle. Appliques with pearls and sequins.  The dress has layers including a lining of netting that adds to the fullness of the dress.

The workmanship is absolutely beautiful! I am thoroughly pleased. More importantly Alice is THRILLED!!

I have to add a side note about the ‘Wedding Ceremony’ that took place in Alice’s room last week. Alice played the Priest and the Bride. The Non played the part of the groom. When the ‘Priest’ began speaking he (Alice) said “Non, do you take this woman to be your AWFUL Wedded Wife”!! It was hard to keep a straight face!


No whines here!! Beautiful dress! Comfortable to wear per Alice. At a VERY affordable price!!



  • Kate Sarsfield

    It was Mum & Dad’s shoes that were the best thing about dressing up when we were children. Mum’s heels and Dad’s size 13 dress shoes that were like clown’s shoes on our little feet.

  • michele

    Alice is just adorable….Dress up was my favorite game as a child and so was my daughters.. This dress is perfect and a fairy princess is just right… Adorable..

  • clojo9372

    Oh how sweet! I know that it doesn’t matter how old I get, dressing up fancy and being a princess for a moment always appeals… 🙂

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