Let’s Talk Lighting!

Lighting!! One of the most frustrating things about my house is the fact that it’s dark. The house was built in the early 80’s and the contractor was very stingy with the windows. After we moved in I had this fabulous idea to add wooden shutters! BRILLIANT!! They look amazing. They are a beautiful mahogany color. They add so much character to the rooms. Ummmm so much character and MORE darkness! So, as beautiful as the shutters are they don’t help with the fact that this house is dark! AND even darker since my brilliant décorating touch.

I can’t wait to show you my new floor lamp from Brightech! This is from their Designer Series and it’s called the Bijou Tripod Floor Lamp. It’s made with all natural wood and it looks AMAZING in my livingroom!!

The tripod legs are made of natural wood and the lamp shade is made of textured paper that you assemble in a 3 dimensional pattern. It’s SO unique and eye-catching!! The cylindrical lamp shade is made of interlacing, warm white, wide ribbons.

Putting the lamp together took almost an hour with the most time spent putting the ribbons on the shade. Each one of these loops are placed one at a time by snapping them into the slots.

The legs are made of wood and was very easy to assemble. The legs don’t spread out very far and they fit perfectly in a corner. The legs don’t go out so far as to pose a tripping hazard.


The cord. While this look may appeal to some I’m not crazy about the bright red fabric covered cord. True it’s a very retro look but I would rather have the cord hidden. I think I will find some way to hide the cords.

At the base of the cord is a foot control to turn the lamp on and off which I do like.

Overall, I am thoroughly loving this lamp (red cord and all!). It puts off the PERFECT soft romantic glow at night. It brightens a very dark corner in my livingroom. I’m thoroughly pleased with the quality and workmanship of this Bijou Lamp.

Now if you are looking for a truly romantic glow with your lamps; be sure to add Original Hand Crafted Vintage Edison Light Bulbs to your light fixture. These bulbs put off a gorgeous romantic glow. Warm and soothing. Besides the bulbs themselves look so unique and so pretty.



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