Letter To My Best Friend #UltimateBFFSleepover

As part of the LEGOLAND 5 Day Social Media Challenge; Y’know so that Alice and I can go and stay in one of the new LEGO Friends rooms! I have to write an open letter to my best friend. I wasn’t sure which way to take this post. Y’all know me, I don’t get toooo serious very often. So?? What’s a girl to do??

I guess, start with what is a best friend?  Personally, it’s someone that makes me feel loved. Someone that I feel comfortable telling all my secrets to. Someone that knows me; the real me! Knows when I need a boost of girl time or some quiet alone time. Someone that can finish my sentence because they know me that well.  Someone that is compassionate and loyal. Someone that will listen to me when I tell the same story a zillion times. Someone who I can count on to laugh at me when I deserve it, that keeps me from getting too full of myself. More importantly, I can count on them to always laugh with me.

I am blessed with 3 best girl friends. My Mom and my daughters.  These ladies know me so well. They make my happiest days happier. I am thoroughly blessed to have each one of them in my life. I love you girls!!

DSC_1286Honorable mention. Since I spend more time with Alice than I do anyone else; I have to add her as a BFF in training. I can count on this 4 year-old cherub to cheerfully tell me “You’re weird NaNa” Alice you make me laugh every single day!!

In my 57 years I’ve learned that a true friend is very hard to find. When you do find one HANG ON for all your might!! Be sure to tell them often what they mean to you!!

I’d love to know who YOUR best friend is! Gush away!




  • Tamra Phelps

    My best friends since childhood were my cousins. We spent so much time together, we knew everything about each other. Unfortunately, we live in different places & rarely see each other, but we keep in touch on Facebook, like everyone else these days.

  • Rosie

    I don’t really have a best friend, for a while now. I would like to move back to my home town and reconnect with my ol’ buddies. A reunion is coming up, too bad it is so expensive


    Aw! This was lovely Connie! You’ve gone & got me all teary! It makes me sad when I think of the people I regarded as friends when I worked with them, not one of whom was there for me when I had my accident & follow-up operation, or Dad dying etc. etc.

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