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Lift Bar Review!! 24k Beauty Bar Face LIFT!! GIVEAWAY!!

I’m really excited about today’s review and giveaway!! This is the 24K Lift Bar. The Lift Bar is a battery operated wonder tool. The Lift Bar will lift sagging skin, make wrinkles disappear and rejuvenates your complexion all at the same time!! The Lift Tool sends 10,000 vibrations per minute to your skin. This is a FACE LIFT in your home!!

The Lift Bar is coated in 24K Gold and helps with just about any skin condition!! The Lift Bar delivers powerful and efficient results!!! The  Lift Bar has a patent pending Hematite stone embedded on the T-Head that greatly enhances blood circulation and healing properties.  The Hematite stone activates the 2nd function of the Lift Bar called the Acupuncture Nervous Point System, just hold the bar upright and use the narrow point of the T-Head to apply onto pressure points. The grounding effects of the Hematite will heal a variety of blood-related disorders. Did you know that Hematite is often referred to as the blood stone because of its mystical properties to cleanse, purify, and provides a calm soothing grounded effect? I’ve learned that Hematite is used quite frequently in Feng Shui.  Carrying or wearing it also balances your mind and provides a variety of healing properties because of the high iron content in the stone.  What an amazing stone!!

So, by embedding the Hematite into the Lift Bar, and adding in the powerful vibrations, The Lift Bar provides increased blood circulation onto the skin which promotes healing and cleansing of bacterial agents trapped underneath the pores. While the facial massage vibrations firm and tighten the skin!!  Seriously! That is a lot of benefits!!

To get started just insert the AA battery (BONUS The Lift Bar folks have enclosed!) by twisting the end off. Twisting the end also turns the Lift Bar on and off.

I have found the Lift Bar super easy to use. I’ve used both Argon Oil and Vitamin C serum and found the Lift Bar GREATLY enhanced the effects of both serums!! My skin feels amazing after using the Lift Wand. BONUS! You only have to use Lift Bar for 15 to 20 seconds per area. I can do my entire face and decolletage area in just a few minutes. LOVE that!! I am all for anything that makes my skin look firmer and in just a few minutes a day. I have just started using the Lift Wand so I don’t have before and after photo’s yet. But, soon!

The Lift Bar is compact, only 6″ long. It’s lightweight too, weighing in at 2.7 ounces! The Lift Bar comes with a red velvet travel pouch too, firming my skin ANYTIME! ANYWHERE!!

When you are done using The Lift Bar just run it under water and wipe dry with a clean cloth.

How to do you use the Lift Bar?

First, excuse the voice. One-of-them-grandbabies! gave me a nasty COLD!!! Next, Selena recently had carpel tunnel surgery so her comment about the vibration on the Lift Bar may have been due to that. I don’t find any discomfort with the vibration.  Okay, here is a brief run down on use:

The Lift Bar has 2 different types of application, both should be used for optimal effect.

  1. Hold the bar according to the picture (1) Turn on the switch on bottm and you will feel the vibration of the Lift Bar’s T shape head.
  2. Massage the T-shape onto your face (2), move slowly up and down below your eyes and round your cheeks(3). Then maneuver down to your jaw and neckline (4) Spend about 15-20 secs per area.

  3. Hold the Lift Bar upright (5) and use the side of the narrow T-head to massage onto troubled areas such as temples, acne, blackheads, and the bags under your eyes.

I hope, wish and greatest desire is that the Lift Bar will help me lose my double, triple and well……my extra chin baggage!

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Excited to try this for yourself? I thought so! One very lucky Peanut Butter and Whine follower will win their own Lift Bar!! Good Luck!!

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  • Deb C

    I learned the Lift Bar comes with a bottle of Argan oil which I know is good for your skin. I also learned the Lift Bar is a facial massager with a powerful 10,000 vibrations per minute . I would love to try it for my facial skin.

  • Connie Tucker

    I’d like to try their Moroccan Argan Oil as I have heard good things about this oil. I’m 55 and need all the help I can possibly get!

  • Dawn Monzu

    I would absolutely LOVE to try this….and the Moroccan Argan Oil. It sounds so luxurious! I am so impressed with this company, but I want to know why the heck I am just now finding out about it! I absolutely love that they do not test their products on animals! Thank you!

  • Christina Graham

    I learned that none of their products are tested on animals. Also, the Lift Bar uses electrodes to increase circulation.

  • Colleen Boudreau

    I learned that the benefits of Argan oil is that it rejuvenates the glow to the face, it works as a moisturizer as well. The healing properties of the Argan tree also helps to remove blemishes and black spots.

  • Natalie Brown

    Hi! What a neat product! I learned that after 1-2 weeks of use you will see tighter and smoother skin and after 5-8 weeks you can see tightened skin and a younger looking complexion. I’d definitely try it. Thank-you!!

  • Marian Boll

    Oh this is just what I need!!!! Making my skin feel firmer and look smoother would be so great….I get puffy eyes due to seasonal allergies and I would be so happy to help these bags go away!!!

  • LaTanya

    The Lift Wand utilizes 20 watts of power to efficiently produce safe and salon grade treatment. While many other high frequency devices operate at half the power, this device are similar to the ones used by beauticians that costs much less.

  • Robin Wilson

    It sure is amazing technology that I could use in a bad way. I would also like to try the Lift Wand and the Effervescent Argan Oil.

  • Taran

    the Lift Wand is a powerful and versatile device that comes with 4 different electrodes each having different applications for the face and hair.

  • nancy chipriano

    I learned that they offer a portable high frequency machine that is a powerful and versatile device. It comes with 4 different electrodes each having different applications

  • Diane K. Brimmer

    The Lift Bar’s patent pending Hematite stone embeded on the T-Head that greatly enhances blood circulation and healing properties onto skin disorders. This activates the 2nd function of the Lift Bar called the Acupuncture Nervous Point System

  • Darlene Sullins

    I really like the sound of the Moroccan Argan Oil because it says it repairs AND reinforces your hair on top of all of the other things that it does! That is super awesome!

  • Kelley H

    It generates Argon gas that is activated by the Lift Wand and safely increases blood circulation to supply oxygen to the skin. This helps improve puffy eyes, wrinkles, blemishes, and overall complextion

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