Liquid Chalk Markers By Chalk Mania Review

I have been lucky enough to review several different liquid chalk markers in the past. We go through a LOT of chalk!! The Husband attached a white board to the wall. Tall enough for the 7-year-old and low enough for the four-year-old. The white board is the first thing the Grandkids RUN to in our house. They use this on the white board EVERY SINGLE VISIT!! Such a brilliant addition to our livingroom. I get fresh art work to enjoy all the time. The kids absolutely LOVE the huge art area! It’s large enough that all three kids can work side by side! Bonus, they are sure quiet when they are creating!

What’s different about Liquid Chalk Markers By Chalk Mania is first the color is very vibrant. Next the markers are non-toxic and odorless.  With 8 colors the kids can create a lot of different designs. But, the best part of Chalk Mania markers is the fact that they include REUSABLE Mandala Coloring Sheets. Oh my gosh, I don’t know about you but our household is going thru Mandala Coloring books like crazy!! The kids can’t get enough of them. Truthfully, I can’t either, they are so relaxing to color!! It’s one of those mindless, relaxing, mind-clearing activities!! If you haven’t tried it I highly recommend it.

Liquid Chalk Markers By Chalk Mania also included with the Liquid Chalk Markers extra 6mm reversible tips, along with 8 chalk board stickers. 5 coloring Mandala Sheets and of course the eight Chalk Markers.

Colors include; Green, red, orange, yellow, light blue, purple, pink, and even white!

These marks will work on chalkboards, white boards, paper, windows too!


Not a single whine from me. Great colors. Easy to start the color on the first use and there after. The fun extras that come with the Chalk Mania marker are what really makes this set AWESOME!


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