Living In Two Houses!

Y’all remember how I’ve had so many months to pack for this move? Well, I’ve learned a lot. Number one. I am a HORRIBLE packer. I am 100% the shining example of what NOT to do!

Right now we are basically living in two houses. Neither house has enough to really ‘live in’. Boxes in both house piled high. Marked “kitchen” “master bedroom” blah blah blah……. trust me WRITE every little item down on the box or you WILL be digging in boxes.  Pots and pans?  Yeah…. who knows!! All I am sure of is that they are in one of those dozens of boxes marked ‘kitchen’.  Ahhhh but the BIG question here is ….. IS THAT )@&$*((P@* box in California?! Or is it in IDAHO!??!?!?

Case in point. I drove to California to spend Mother’s Day with my kids. Day one, exhausted and wanting to get off the road I sat on the couch only to remember that the television is in Idaho!!  Which really doesn’t matter because we turned off the cable HERE!!!

The next morning, I realized the toaster ……. yeah….. it’s in Idaho. At least I had enough coffee AND a coffee pot here. WHEW!!!

Now, I am off to the store because apparently I packed all but one bra.  Which box? Which State?

Hey!! That might just be my new excuse to buy new things!!! Maybe, JUST MAYBE! I’m not as bad of an example as I thought!!





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