LOL! Pikimi Pops! Pikmi’s Thank you @BullsiToys

Well, that couldn’t have been harder if I tried!!

I wanted to create a cute unboxing video with Alice (8) in California. The Non (not 8!) in Idaho.

Alice has a social schedule that would make The Rock look like a lazy bump. (BTW if you don’t follow The Rock on Instagram you are SOOOOO missing out!)

Number one. I had no idea what I was doing! At one point I had a camera, laptop, cell phone and iPad all video taping something. Alice kept saying “Non do you want to wait and call me back?” Noooooooooo I got this!! Alice with an exaggerated eye roll “ohhhhKayyyy” Pfffffffffttttt The Non has NOT ‘got this’.

So, I give you BullsiToys unboxing The Non/Alice Style.

Blind bags are something that Alice has loved since she could talk. I swear this girl lovessssssssss her bags. I imagine she has all the LOL dolls in triplicate. So, of course we have to collect the newest editions.

First the L.O.L Light ups. These come on a cute little clip that will easily attach to her school bag or backpack. Press in the middle of the doll for a little flashlight.  There are 8 characters to collect.

Light up your life with these all new cute but fierce L.O.L Surprise Light Ups Series 2! There are 8 ‘Lil Light Ups to collect! Each foil pack includes 1 Light Up, 1 glow-in-the-dark sticker and a checklist. Find the hidden message surprise! MSRP: $4.99

L.O.L Slap Bracelets! Alice so badly wanted to come thru the camera to grab these! So CUTE!!! Each bracelet has a L.O.L doll already attached. Then a surprise charm to change out or add to the bracelet. SO DANG CUTE!!

I had not heard of Pikmi Pops. However, Alice knew the second I lifted up the package. “Oh yeah, those are Pikmi’s Non” Okay, you saying it and me KNOWING are still 2 different things!

BOWS!!! Before we hung up she had already decided which bows she is keeping and which bows are going to her BFF Olive. There are 24 different hair bows to collect. Each has a small P medallion sewn to the bow. Each package of Pikmi Pops has two bows.

Calling all Surprise lovers! The Pikmi Pops Mini Bows are here With 24 adorable styles to collect, each pack contains one bow for you and one bow to share with your bestie! MSRP: $4.99

The Pikmi Tins are packed with goodies; 2 magnet cards, 2 puffy stickers, 1 charm with clip and 1 mini poster. The tins have a raised lid. Cute matching design around the side and easily hold all sorts of goodies. My personal favorite!

Pikmi Pops Mini Tins are collectible and colorful canisters for anyone who is a lover of the famous plushie characters! Each tin comes full of secret accessories and goodies that are great for adding some fun to your day. Not knowing what’s inside adds more excitement to the experience! MSRP: $4.99

Alice plans to put bows in one and some of her ROCK collection in the other. Yes, she collects rocks. Yup. Rocks. She is so my Grandkid!! We both collect the quirky.


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