Lucy Loves Sherman!!

Alice is a huge book lover so I love that I have the opportunity to regularly add to her library.

Lucy Loves Sherman is so cute!! One page in particular made me laugh out loud!! The page describes Lucy out shopping with NaNa. Since I go by NaLucy Loves Sherman bookNa Alice immediately lit up with “NaNa!!! It’s YOU!!!”  


“That’s the question at the center of this sweet and smart picture book about Lucy, her shell-y friend Sherman, and the seafood-loving town they inhabit.

“Lucy loves Sherman from the moment they meet at Flotsam’s Fish Market. Oh sure, he’s an eighteen-pound, eighty-year-old crustacean, but he’s also polka dotted. And blurble-y. And he smells like the ocean! Unfortunately, Nana is not hooked on the idea of a pet lobster.

“Things only get worse when Lucy meets Chef Pierre and discovers that Sherman’s fate is on a plate! She must rescue Sherman., even if it means getting into hot water with all the grownups. So Lucy takes action But will the efforts of one little girl be enough to save Sherman from the bib and butter?”

This book is over the moon cute!! Lucy takes to Sherman like a girl with a new puppy. Except Sherman isn’t a puppy. Sherman’s a lobster.  Lucy tries her hardest to convince NaNa to bring Sherman home. NaNa says Sherman is dangerous. Lucy replies “But I love him!” “Sherman’s too big”  Lucy is willing to keep him in the bathtub. Even though Lucy reminds NaNa that Sherman won’t bark and won’t shed, she stays firm in her NO! 

Then Lucy tries to sneak Sherman out. Funny illustrations from Meg Walters add to this cute story.
Lucy Loves Sherman bookWhile Lucy is sad that she can’t bring Sherman home she finds out that
lobster is the special of the day at Pierre’s Fancy Dining. She tries everything from pleading with the chef to fighting with the butcher at Flotsam’s Fish Market. Nothing works until the local news paper covers the picketing locals on Sherman’s behalf.  After all Sherman is a very famous eight-pound, eighty-year-old lobster.
Lucy Loves Sherman is a fun read and a powerful story of friendship.Lucy Loves Sherman book

You can find Hattie Peck on Sky Pony Press, Amazon, Barnes & Noble and other fine bookstores.

Publisher: Sky Pony Press
Author: Catherine Bailey,
Illustrator: Meg Walters
Publication Date: 3-21-2017
Number of Pages: 32 Pages
Book Type: Hardcover
Size: 9″ by 9″

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  • Kate Sarsfield

    It’s such a joy to see a child in love with reading. As part of my work I’ve visited homes where the family has never owned a book, indeed many of the parents can’t read. So sad.

  • Sarah L

    I love that Alice loves reading. So great that she has you to provide her with lots of books. Do your other 2 grandkids like reading?

  • Rosie

    This is a cute story! It reminds me of when one day I came home and went to the bathroom. I let out a scream there was a huge fish my hubby had caught swimming in the bathtub! So I assume there have been lobsters in people’s tub, too!

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