Luthiers Custom Made Guitars!!

Luthiers Collection custom made guitars are handcrafted by renowned master builders from all over the world to produce rare and uniquely beautiful instruments. With the use of the finest materials, an eye to astonishing detail, and a determination to create an elaborate and quality item, each guitar brings amazing looks, sound and joy to its new owner. A custom made guitar is a customized exclusive mixture of ingenuity, science and art and is built to perform with a superior level of magnificently audible acoustics. The finest woods, finishes, paint, hardware and electronics are used to design a guitar that will fulfill a guitar enthusiast’s dreams and bring unbelievable music to the waiting fingertips. These elaborate instruments are one of a kind and might be invented by major names in this specialized business including the distinguished Mark Blanchard, Roy McAllister, Jim Olson, Jeff Traugott, Shanti, Linda Manzer, Kim Walker, Ervin Somogyi or Ed Claxton. Guitar devotees appreciate the ability to purchase a superior guitar without waiting years for the privilege and at a price that is competitive in the market. Whether it is the first customized guitar or one to add to a collection, having one by an elite craftsman makes it a prized possession.

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