Luxury Swimwear: Guide To Choosing According To Body Type

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We all want to look great on the beach, don’t we? When the summer season comes, a lot of us start fretting about taking our clothes off and being left exposed in a bikini or a different type of swimwear. If you are one of those people who feel self-conscious whenever they are on the beach, I have two things to tell you.

First of all, it all starts with your head. No matter how you look, you probably look better than you think. We are all wired to criticize ourselves and our appearance, which makes us feel uncomfortable in our own skin for no reason whatsoever. That has to stop! You need to work on feeling confident in a swimsuit and you can get some really useful tips on how to do that here.

That was the first thing I needed to tell you and now comes the second. The best way to make sure that you feel great during those hours spent on the beach is to choose the right type of swimwear. The right type, of course, depends on your body type. Once you have found the perfect piece, you’ll be sure to look in the mirror and say something along the lines of: “Wow, do I look good!”

Since I am not a motivational speaker or anything like that, I won’t dwell on the topic of confidence. Instead, I’ll provide you with some practical and concrete tips on how to choose the perfect luxury swimwear in accordance with your body type. If you ask me, that will significantly boost your self-esteem as well. Let’s get started.

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Pear Shape

If your body is pear-shaped, that means that the upper part is slightly or heavily narrower than the bottom part. In order to look perfect, you’ll need to balance those parts out with the help of your swimsuit. In case you want a one-piece, it’s best to look for those that have eye-catching details up top and a bit more coverage in the lower part. In addition to that, it would be perfect for the upper part to be in a lighter and the bottom part in a darker color.

When you start searching for designer swimwear Amaio Official or any other manufacturer offers, you might be tempted to go for a beautiful two-piece and that’s perfectly okay. For your pear-shaped body, it’s best if you go for a high-waist bottom and a strapless bikini top. Use the same trick with lighter and darker colors and you’ll look amazing.


When the hourglass shape is in question, then you already have the upper and the bottom part all balanced out. That means that you should put emphasis on your beautiful waist. If you opt for a one-piece, make sure to choose a high cut hip piece which should also feature a plunging neckline. When feeling adventurous, find yourself a side-cut one piece swimsuit.

A two-piece swimsuit will look amazing on this body shape, but you still need to know how to choose the right bottom and top. Simple bottoms cutting right across the waist will look perfect, but if you have tummy issues that you want to conceal, you might want to go for a high-waist bottom to accentuate the waist. In case you have larger breasts, you might need some extra support from a halter top, but if your breasts are smaller, you can go for a strapless top.


I you have an apple shaped body, a one-piece will suit you perfectly and especially so if you need to cover up your belly. Go with a “sweetheart” neckline and don’t be afraid to play around with eye-catching shapes. When you want a bikini, you should go for a high-waist bottom and play around with the top the way you see fit, because almost every top type will look amazing on those breasts.

Here are a few more tips for choosing the right swimwear for this body type:


When this shape is in question, you’ll need to put focus on your waist. If you want a one-piece, you should add a belt on the waist to accentuate it. When it comes to bikinis, a triangle style top or a tank top will look amazing on this shape. As for the bottom, you should use bold patterns to add volume to your hips.


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