Magic Musical FLOWERPOT!? Saaaaaaay Whaaa??

Oh my gosh! Seriously, what will they think of next??  Y’all know me and my gadgets. I love ’em! This one is so unique I couldn’t wait for it to arrive. A magic MUSICAL FLOWERPOT!!!  Your thinkin’ okay? So?????  Once your Magical Musical Flowerpot is charged and you have planted a little greenery inside; just turn on the flowerpot and touch the leaves to make music!! Oh my gosh this is so COOL!!!musical flower pot
I charged the flower pot overnight the first time. It charges quickly though and during the day it just takes about 4 hours for a full charge.
After charging you will have 12 hours of play time. While the flowerpot is charging the soft light will be on. It would be an awesome night light.
The flower pot is almost a full 4.5″ tall and large enough to hold one of 4″ potted plants at Home Depot.
The flower pot has songs loaded in but can also be paired wirelessly to your Bluetooth device. I love how easily it paired my with iPad and my Samsung Glaxay S8 phone.
The speaker is in the flower pot it’s a 5w speaker and sounds pretty darn good for a FLOWER POT!! Seriously, what will they think of next?!
magic musical flowerpot

The Magic Musical Flowerpot has no off button, however it will go to sleep if the plant OR the pot is not touched for 10 minutes. With that said, I mean any motion! The air conditioner started up, the leaves moved and music started and I jumped outta my chair!!

If you let the Magic Musical Flowerpot battery drain where it is too the light will blink 3 times which means it needs a charge.

musical flowerpot

Be sure that the soil is moist or the flowerpot will not work when you touch the leaves. With that said, be sure that you put a dish, tray or cork coaster under the flowerpot because it does have a drain hole on the bottom.


NONE!! This is FUN, just plain fun!! AND it makes a Happy Birthday Plant way more special when the pot plays Happy Birthday!! I love this thing!! Absolutely no complaints at all!! Super CUTE!! AND a great conversation starter.

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