Main Advantages of Radiesse Dermal Filler

Compared to creams and plastic surgery, fillers offer a wider range of advantages. The Radiesse filler deserves a particular attention. The product has been developed in an innovative way. By using it you can regain the beauty and youthfulness of your skin and keep this effect for a long time. This article will consider the main advantages and distinctive characteristics of this preparation in comparison with other dermal fillers.


Product Properties and Uniqueness


The most important determinant of skin beauty and youthfulness is the abundance of collagen and elastin in it. These are the basic structural proteins that provide a high degree of elasticity, density and smoothness of the skin. When the skin is getting old, the level of collagen gradually decreases, which leads inevitably to wrinkles and folds. The facial contours sag and become unattractive over time.

 Radiesse is a unique filler intended for facelift. The product provides a long-lasting effect as well as a correction of wrinkles. The composition belongs right to the newest generation of products. It is made by the well-known German company Merz and is available here. In addition to immediate restoration of volume it also stimulates the production of the collagen substance, which increases the elasticity and resilience of the skin. 

There are microspheres belonging to calcium hydroxyapatite in its composition. It is found in bone tissue, so the preparation is 100% compatible with the human body. That is, it is absolutely safe and versatile in use, as it is suitable for all areas of the human body and for a wide range of applications. 


What is the Effect of This Product Application?


With this product you can get the following effects:

  • correction of folds in the area of the lips and nose, even if they are deep;
  • well defined contours of the face;
  • correction of the chin, adjusting its shape to normal;
  • high level of resilience and elasticity of the skin;
  • the possibility of skin compaction;
  • an instant and long-lasting face-lifting effect;
  • possibility to get rid of large and small wrinkles of the gravitational type;
  • restoration of the lost volumes of the soft tissues.


In Which Cases Is It Used?


The product should be used in the following cases:

  • formation of nasolabial folds;
  • ptosis (for tightening the skin of the face);
  • correction of the chin area;
  • correction of nose defects;
  • lack of volume in the cheeks and cheekbones;
  • signs of aging on the hands and neck. 

The preparation is innovative and it helps to stop aging processes. It fights all kinds of wrinkles and restores the required volume of the skin. It also corrects the shape of the cheekbones, nose and chin eliminating the need for surgery. The procedure can be used to easily recover the necessary tone of the skin and provide complex moisturisation. As a result, the cells will work as effectively as possible. 


  • Summing up: What are the Advantages of the Preparation?


Radiesse is made by means of an innovative manufacturing process, so it has numerous advantages:

  • affordable price;
  • safety and compatibility with the skin;
  • an instant effect;
  • long duration of the effect;
  • ease of use;
  • a minimum number of restrictions;
  • no side effects.

This composition can help the skin to become naturally beautiful and healthier.


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