How To Make A Homemade Wedding Tiara!!

Every bride wants to look exceptionally pretty on her big day. Even the bridesmaids should look as good as her so that they complement each other. After all, it is the most memorable once-in-a-lifetime event in every woman’s life. Wedding tiaras come in a variety of designs, materials, and colors. A traditional wedding tiara is often passed from mothers to their daughters and so on. These traditional wedding tiaras are made up of precious metals with pearls and diamonds in it. However, there are many options of handmade tiaras too. A floral, beaded, and a circlet tiara is a good choice of handmade tiara option for the bride.

1. Floral Tiara step-by-step Guide:

WeddingThese beautiful handmade tiaras can be made from both real and artificial flowers. While artificial flowers may cost you less, they mayn’t look as good as the fresh flowers on a bridal tiara. However, artificial flowers don’t dry out or wilt like fresh flowers. Choose between real or artificial flowers, based on your preference. Items you will need: A piece of elastic (fold over elastic can be used as well), flowers of your choice, thin gauge wire, and scissor

  1. Start by cutting a piece of elastic. Remember to cut the piece 2 inches longer than the exact circumference of your head. Before using the thin-gauge wire, just wrap the metal with tissue paper. You can use either pink or white wrapping paper as per on your choice.
  2. Now string a plastic or glass bead onto the elastic piece and tie a knot in the end. This is important as the knot will keep flowers and beads in position. You can use only flowers or a combination of beads and flowers. Orchids are best choices for making a bridal floral tiara. However, you can also choose small table roses or chrysanthemum for making a floral tiara.
  3. Now add the flowers and beads onto the elastic band. If you want, you can alternate between the beads and your flowers or just use several matching colored beads in between the flowers.
  4. As you finish adding flowers and beads, tie the two ends of the elastic well to finish the tiara. This will secure the ends so that flowers and beads will not fall off at the other end.
  5. Technically, your elastic floral tiara is ready. However, you can also make it look more beautiful by adding a thin gauge wire into an upside down position. Shape it like an inverted V with each side approximately ¾ inch long. Add flowers and beads in the same fashion as you did on the circular tiara before. Once you finish adding flowers and beads onto this wire, connect the ends of the wire to the circular tiara piece. Secure the ends by bending the wire onto the elastic piece. This will create a traditional floral crown look.

2. Beaded Crystal Tiara guide:

Things you will need: 1 metal tiara base, silver plated beading wire, silver plated crystal cup chain, a pack of white freshwater pearls, original Swarovski crystal beads 2 packs, and thin metal wire

  1. Start by opening the reel of wire and threading beads and crystals onto the reel. After finishing this step, start wrapping the wire around your tiara base slowly. Wrap two to three times and place the crystal or the bead in an upright position.
  • Repeat the process and arrange the beads in an upright position by wrapping and adjusting wires. Make sure that the beads stand in an ascending order starting from each end.
  • Now thread more beads and crystals onto another piece of wire from the reel. This time, start wrapping the beaded wire around the tiara base to fill the gaps between the bead stalks. Make the beads and crystals to stand upright while filling the gaps too. Remember to create taller stalks with bigger crystals towards the middle of the tiara. Finish by winding the wire around the base and cut off the excess wire.


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