May 14th Photo-A-Day N

So I am trying my hardest to figure a way to use the letter N with the fact that I finally did it!! I FOUND an ANTLER!!

Ya know an aNtler!

Bear and I have been going out on a morning hike, which for me is unheard of! I am climbing rocks. I am dinged and dented, scratched and sweaty but having so much FUN!!  There is no noise other than the birds and bear and I traipsing around.

Antlers or SHEDS as the locals call ’em. (Aren’t I fancy? Knowin’ all the correct terms and everything!) are hard as heck to spot! Since no one has lived here for so long they are hidden under the brush and pine needles.

Now that I’ve found one I am so anxious to find more.

I did also find several golf balls. Again, not an N.


Of course, not an N but I did capture a cute little fawn with my trail cam.

So, it was either a post with aNtlers or post with NADDA. However, I have a really great T coming up. But, for today that is all!

WAIT!! WAIT!! WAAAAAAAIT!! Hold the PHONE!! We could pretend this fallen tree is an N.


You know like Mother Natures N!! OHHHH NATURE!!! N is for NATURE!!! Whew I did it!!! I found an N. Everyone can go on with their day now resting easily that Connie found an N.

Carry on.


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