May 2017 Beauty Box 5 Review #BeautyBox5

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I know that you are going to get tired of hearing this but I KNOW these guys have a mole in my house! I don’t know who ….. or how……… but every single month something arrives in the BB5 box that I have added to my shopping list. Case in point! In my email today was a teaser video about the five mistakes that can make you look older than you are. Well, y’all know I had to click on that video. One of the things that was suggested was replacing your dark eye liner with a white or nude color on the waterline of your lower lashes.  Well, I am guilty of adding a dark brown to my waterline so I wrote down “find neutral color eye pencil” on my shopping list. Guess what’s in the box?!!? Yup!!! A highlighting pencil/crayon. It could be used on my eyes, lips or eyelid. Amazing. HOW DID they KNOW?!! I didn’t even know I wanted one until today!

Here is May 2017’s Beauty Box 5’s Loot!!  The theme for this month is called “SUMMER DATE NIGHT”.  On one side of the postcard tells you the theme and the opposite side contains detailed descriptions of each product that’s included in the box.
BB5 May 2017

BB5 May 2017

COUGAR BEAUTY24 Hour Liquid Lipstick: I received the color Mulberry. It’s a beautiful mauve color. A little darker than I normally wear but a very pretty color none the less. This one has staying power. This is a very long lasting color.  #COUGARBEAUTY

BB5 May 2017

JERSEY SHORE COSMETICSMongongo Lip Conditioner: Put this on before and after lip-color for soft and conditioned lips. Perfect for summer, dash and go! Smells DEVINE!! #JERSEYSSHORECOSMETICS
Beauty Box 5 May 2017JELLY PONG PONGBare Necessities Highlighting Pencil: Use this as a eyeshadow base, concealer, inner and outer areas of the eyes. Even on the waterline for a wide eyed, alert look!! Awesome!! Soft pencil. Perfect color for all skin tones. #JELLYPONGPONG
BB5 May 2017

BB5 May 2017DAILY CONCEPTS ♥ Exfoliating Body Scrubber: This will help all skin types! This sponge is soft and yet has great exfoliating benefits. This is one VERY smart scrubber! The label fades when it’s time to replace the mitt! How brilliant is that!? #DAILYCONCEPTS
BB5 May 2017NANACOCO ♥
Jumbo  Eye & Lip Color: Bright pigmented colors. I received Mysterious. It’s a bright purple. Purple is a great color for Hazel colored eyes so I’ll be using this as my eye-liner!! The pencil says for lips as well, but I’m a little old for purple lips. Course, you never know when Halloween comes around again! #NANACOCO

This months box had an added bonus!!!

DE LA CRUZArnica Salve: I have the worst dry hands lately, so this is a very welcome addition!! Very lightly scented with hints of chamomile, eucalyptus and wintergreen.  The scent fades quickly which is nice. My hands do feel soft, yet a little on the tacky side for about an hour after I apply. So I mainly use this before bed.  #DELACRUZ


No whines here; another great box of goodies! My favorite is the eye high-lighter and the body scrubber.   Two thumbs up! WAY UP for another great box!!

I honestly believe that BB5 is 100% a fabulous buy, starting at $12 a month if you buy monthly. Lower prices if you buy quarterly and even better savings for yearly boxes. I don’t think you would be disappointed! Get the Box!

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  • Tamra Phelps

    I like that tip about a neutral eyeliner pencil. I saw a celebrity who’s my age (52) today & she had her eyes heavily made up. I thought, ‘Wow, she’s looking older.’ I think it was the heavily lined eyes. I’ll try that neutral eye pencil.

  • Sarah L

    How to make Connie happy. Send her beauty products. The Arnica salve is the only thing I’d use from this box.

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