May 21st Photo-A-Day U

For the letter U I am going to go with UNIQUE.

As most of you know Miss Bear and I hike every morning. Bear is addicted to eating turkey poo (she’s fast too! Before you can call her out on that nasty habit it’s GONE!!) Of course the Mama hunts for shed (antlers) Up to FOUR now!!  This last one being the nicest and largest.

Noooo that’s not my Unique, although it’s really cool looking and each and everyone of them is different. I have yet to find a match set. (YET!)

No, my unique actually had my city girl paranoia going wacky-a-do!

On our hike I spotted a cedar tree with this perfect FRESH square cut out. SAY WHAT?!  Who is hiking around in our trees?? What the heck are they doing?? What is THIS!! WHAT THE WHAT?!?!

Here is a close up (Yes, I forgot to take a far away shot, when I find this dang tree again I promise to post that shot too)

It’s NOT man made!! THIS square, this precise cut out was made from a Pileated (pie-lee-ay-tid) Woodpecker!! How amazing is this?!  I just can’t get over that a BIRD did this!!! Oh Mother Nature you have designed some amazing animals!!

This next pictures are not mine, I pulled them off Google.  HOWEVER, I do plan to move the trail cam to get my own shot. Well, that is when I remember where on this 20 acres I SAW the dang tree. (ohhhhh memory, how I miss you!!)

He is a cute little destructive guy isn’t he?? I am thoroughly fascinated with the shape that he drilled in the tree.

Just in case you are interested:

Pileated Woodpeckers drill distinctive rectangular-shaped holes in rotten wood to get at carpenter ants and other insects. They are loud birds with whinnying calls. They also drum on dead trees in a deep, slow, rolling pattern, and even the heavy chopping sound of foraging carries well. Their flight undulates like other woodpeckers, which helps separate them from a crow’s straight flight path.

Now, I am off to hike and find that tree again!!!



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