May 23rd Photo-A-Day W

Our hike today provided no antlers. However, I did find a small spool of rusted wire.

I know; you are wondering the same thing I am. WHY on earth did I bring it home??

I dunno. In the back of my mind I see a craft project that would require a rustic, rusted spool of wire. It will go nicely with the rusted round thing I found a while back.

OR maybe I’m just stretching it with the letter W?!

The rest of the alphabet is gonna do me in!!  Z will probably be a full post about my son Zachary. X and Y?? OHMGEEEE it’s gonna take a very long hike to find something with those letters.  Unless of course any you guys have ideas??  Anything?? bueller………. bueller



  • Crystal K

    This is kind of eerie, because I found a small spool of rusted wire almost exactly like that on a hike by the Virgin River a couple weeks ago. Now I wish I’d picked it up and brought it home…or at least taken a photo of it!!

  • Michele Soyer

    Just an idea but you can scrub the rust off as best you can and spray paint it and use the wire for hanging a plant..

  • Rosie

    I only see rusted Wire. You see potential craft, a work of art, if anyone can make something cute and unique, it’s you!!! Something that we will all clamor to have for our own home, too.

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