May 26th Photo-A-Day Z

The end of the alphabet and as promised my Z is all about my son Zachary.  At one time I could have done an ZOO. We had a dogs, cats, mice, snake and birds. Yes. All at the same time. I really wonder how our family managed to cram into one little house with the ZOO we had.

I could have done ZEN area that’s behind the house. It really, truly is a ZEN area. BUT………..

Since my darling daughter Selena was mentioned during this A to Z photo challenge it’s only fitting that Zachary gets a mention as well.
Zac will actually turn 40 in July. How the heck did that happen? 40!? My baby is 40. FORTY!!
Zac is such a wonderful man. He wears his heart on his sleeve.
He is funny as all get out! Quick too! I will think I’ve sent the funniest text and split seconds later he has a come-back!
Quick! Funny! Handsome too! DAMN!! I have beautiful kids!!
Going through pictures of Zac to put in this post I realized this guy is forever a goof ball!
Best. Son. Ever!


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