MD-Direct Copper Peptide Serum Review

I am all about products that combat crows feet and lines around the eyes. MD Direct Copper Peptide + EGF which is Epidermal Growth Factor Serum is one of those products that I saw a reduction in wrinkles in the first 2 weeks.
MD Direct Copper Peptide Eye Serum + EGF comes in a container that looks like a syringe; driving the whole Botox without the needle concept home. Along with this amazing product comes the ‘wrinkle-eraser’ wand. This small handheld device uses ultrasonic-vibration and negative-ion micro-electric pulses to gently ‘push’ treatments deeper into the your skin. It’s extremely gentle and all you feel is a gentle vibration.

Just twist the end of the syringe and push the plunger down. The perfect dose is dispensed for both eyes. I then tap my fingers together so I have equal amounts for both eyes. I tap the MD Direct under both eyes from the crows feet to the inside of my eye. I gently pat the product in for a second or two then I pull out the wrinkle eraser wand I use this recommended massage pattern. It really only adds a couple of minutes to your beauty routine.


I am 57 in just 4 days. OH MY GOSH wait WHAT?!?! FiftySEVEN!?!?! I don’t feel… never mind…. I got side tracked there.

I only use my MD Direct Copper-Peptide + EGF at night before bed. I love how it absorbs quickly and smoothly. My skin feels soft! Fine lines really do disappear and the deeper wrinkles I have are noticeably improved.

This serum is specially formulated by scientists for medium to long-term benefits. It’s made with higher-grade peptide technology, with; IlomaStat which is the newest wrinkle-reduction technology, Copper-Peptide, Agave, Yucca Root Extract and more.


Not a single one! I’m impressed with my MD Direct Copper Peptide Eye Serum. The patented syringe dispenses the accurate dose every single time, with zero contamination or evaporation. I love that a small amount that is dispensed is exactly the amount needed for both eyes with no wasted product. This is an AWESOME product!!


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