My Meaningful Life A Book of Self-discovery!

Growing up in 2017 is proving to have it’s challenges for 5-year-old Alice!  I personally don’t remember (yeah, yeah, yeah… it was a REALLY long time ago. I know!! I know!!) having this kind of stress. Kids have so much more to do, places to go. Not to mention the whole electronics deal. I feel like Alice’s little brain is running a hundred miles an hour all day long!! Even into the night because I’ve heard her talk in her sleep. She goes through times when she feels so overwhelmed and stressed that she just sobs. We talk about what is making her sad, what is causing her to worry and what could make things better. Getting Alice to talk about her feelings and express them verbally rather than a melt down isn’t always easy. HOWEVER!! Peaceable Kingdom has a set of books that we are absolutely loving!! The first is a guided journal. My Meaningful Life, A Book of Self-discovery. I can’t say enough good things about this book.
My meaningful life journal

Peaceable Kingdom

My meaningful life journal for kids

Alice took to this journal like a bee to a flower. We try and complete one page a day that way I’m not adding to her stress. I don’t want this to be a chore like getting her to do homework. (does anyone remember having homework in Kindergarten? I sure don’t!)

The journal helps Alice write about her feelings. Things that worry her or make her sad like missing her Mommy during the day. Things that make her feel peaceful for instance was listening at the reading center. Having her write out her feelings helps me learn how to console her when she is crying or nervous. I can say without a doubt that this book has helped Alice. We actually had school drop off this morning without shedding a tear!! This is worth mentioning because this week in particular has been very rough on Alice. She is missing Mommy a LOT this week. More than usual so not having any tears was WONDERFUL!!My Meaningful Life Journal
Aren’t the illustrations fun? Happy too right?? Each page makes me smile! Alice too! This is a great book!!
My Meaningful Life Journal

The second journal is cute in a different way; this one is called “What’s So Funny?” the book has a lock and two keys. It also comes with a magic-light pen. There are 216 pages that are lined. There are also special pages that are filled with jokes.  When you shine the pen light on the blank cloud area that appear to be blank actually has the answer to the jokes. It’s fun and very cute.
Diary What's So funny?
What's so funny? Diary

Love the fun decorations on the pages.

This will be the book we use next, I think it will be very easy to use after we are already use to writing our feelings on paper thanks to our My Meaningful Life Journal.

Both of these journals get two very enthusiastic thumbs WAY, WAY, WAY UP!!

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Peaceable Kingdom
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  • CJ

    This is really nice. I remember when I was little a lot of my classmates having trouble going to school and sobbing. I was a nervous child too. Expressing yourself through a journal is an awesome idea. Great way to sort out feelings! 🙂

  • Tamra Phelps

    This book is a nice idea. Kids today are definitely stressed. I honestly don’t remember learning anything other than shapes & numbers in kindergarten, lol. Now they teach them to read! And my niece & nephews had homework in kindergarten, too.

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