Medieval Collectibles and George Carruth

I am totally certain that y’all heard me squeal and clap all the way across the ocean when I opened my box from Medieval Collectibles.

As soon as you see the face on this sculpture you will no doubt say “that is SO 100% you!”
Yes, I am certain Medieval Collectibles had me in mind for this sculpture.  It’s like they KNEW ME!! Yes, I feel like American sculptor George Carruth made this creation with my sense of humor in mind. This sculpture is so quirky, unique and fun. I can’t tell you how much I love this piece!! I know you are already scrolling down to see this piece of art, but, I want to start with packaging.  I truly believe there could have been a dozen raw eggs packed in this box and they would have arrived fully in tact. THIS was a very well packed box.

Once I unpacked the bubble wrap and air pockets there was an absolutely adorable colored information card about George Carruth. I admit this card is illustrated so perfectly it has made its way to my bulletin board.

BTW there is a documentary titled George Carruth an American Sculptor that I found really interesting.  (HEY! Since I have one of Georges sculptures. I think this makes me once removed from a famous sculptor! Yeah me!)



The details are so dang cute! Check out the little lady bug and caterpillar. Not to mention the eye’s, nose and mouth! He weighs in at close to 2.5 pounds.

That grin makes me so HAPPY!!

I put this little guy over the thermostat and directly across from the front door. What an cute welcome he makes!

Medieval Collectibles has more than just sculptures.  Are you someone who loves to go to Renaissance fairs? Then you REALLY owe it to yourself to check out Medieval Collectibles!


From tunics to arm braces. From quivers to a blankened Fadnir Brigandine, even laced medieval boots!
Statues, costumes, jewelry, swords and shields and so very much more!mci-costume-accessories-viking outfitsmedieval collectible coupon code

What a fun site! I’m sure there is something for everyone at Medieval Collectibles. What are you waiting for? GO look.  Then come back and tell me what your favorite piece is?  Or even your favorite era! Go on…. I’ll wait right here



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