Meet Emily; MY® Baby Doll

imageCuteness overload headed your way!! I would love to introduce you to the newest addition to our family. Meet Emily. This is 5-year-old Alice’s baby doll from MY® Baby Doll. Before I picked up Alice from camp I placed this doll in her carseat. Alice’s entire face lit up when she saw her. In the 10 minute car ride home Alice had named the baby and the mother daughter bonding had begun! Alice even tried to convince me that the doll needed a real car seat to be safe. (No, we didn’t go shopping. I am a pushover it’s true, just not that much!)
imageThis baby has a cotton body, soft plastic hands with harder plastic feet. This baby doll is 16″ long and cuddly. What makes this baby even more fun is that it talks!! Pat the baby on her chest and she will either say Ba-Ba, Ma-Ma or she will laugh or giggle and finally she will cry. When Emily starts crying they only thing that will calm her (i.e. stop the crying!!) is to give her the baby bottle that comes with the doll. When you give the doll her bottle she makes a sucking sound that goes on for several minutes. When the baby has had enough you will hear her gently snore. It’s the CUTEST thing!!


MY Doll arrives with a plastic baby bottle that has a liquid in it that resembles formula. Also included is a little baby rattle that fits on the doll’s hand.

Alice takes this baby EVERYWHERE!! Emily is dressed in a soft lightweight cotton jumper with matching cap. The outfit can be washed. I would suggest hand washing and air drying the little outfit, it seems very fragile to me. The jumper has a nice deep pocket on the chest that easily holds the bottle and rattle.

The doll’s body is made with a cotton filler so the doll is not washable, however the head, hands and feet are washable with a damp rag.



This doll requires 3 AA batteries that are not included. The battery compartment is in the back of the doll accessed through a Velcro slit in her body. The battery box needs a Phillips head screwdriver to open. A safety feature that I really like. I want to know that the kids can’t play with the batteries. Another great feature is the fact there is an on off switch. Because if you can’t find that bottle Emily will cry until you do!


I do wish that the baby bottle appeared to have more milk in it; just a minor whine. This doll is super cute. Alice is in love with Emily; she goes everywhere with us!!



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