Men’s RFID Blocking Genuine Leather Wallet Review

I am a firm believer and lover of RFID Technology. You work hard for your money, letting some hack just brush up against you to get your information is not just WRONG it’s scary!! Adding an RFID Wallet to my purse or pocket gives me PEACE OF MIND!! I feel secure knowing no matter where I am, my personal information cannot be compromised by electronic pickpocketing thieves.

Check out The Husbands new sleek and stylish RFID Blocking Genuine Leather Wallet . Secure information with a great look!!

RFID SECURE has a unique metal composite, which blocks RFID signals and protects the valuable information stored on RFID chips from unauthorized scans.

This wallet has other perks as well; including the convenient quick access ID window lets you easily show your ID at the ready. There are ten card slots. These 10 card slots also have a bottom; meaning the cards don’t slip down so you can’t fish them out!

The wallet is also slim, it doesn’t add a ton of bulk to your pocket.

Function and beauty!! Travel anywhere you want with your credit cards and information secure.  The wallet arrives in a beautiful black box, perfect for gift giving.

It’s really scary how easy it is for crooks to get your information!! If you haven’t Googled RFID you should; it’s scary.  One article on Wikipedia explains how your credit cards could be at risk!

Wireless identity theft is a relatively new technique of gathering an individual’s personal information from RF-enabled cards carried on a person in their access control, credit, debit, or government issued identification cards. Each of these cards carry a Radio frequency identification chip which responds to certain radio frequencies. When these “tags” come into contact with radio waves, they respond with a slightly altered signal. The response can contain encoded personal identifying information, including the card holder’s name, address, Social Security Number, phone number, and pertinent account or employee information.

Upon capturing (or ‘harvesting’) this data, the thief is then able to program their own cards to respond in an identical fashion (via ‘cloning’). Many sites are dedicated to nothing but teaching people how to perform this act, as well as supplying the necessary equipment and software.

The world we live in today, you can’t be too careful. Why not take a small step to your virtual credit card safety?! According to the world’s largest provider of banking and payment technologies, FIS, the annual cost of credit card fraud in the U.S. is estimated to be $8.6 billion per year and experts believe that figure will rise to $10 billion or higher in 2015.

Now; RFID SECURE how about designing one for women? Maybe zippered all the way around? Same leather? And a zippered coin area?  Just sayin’ I could sure you one to match The Husbands!


Not a single one! This is a great looking wallet with RFID protection too! It doesn’t get better than that!! The RFID Blocking Stylish Genuine Leather Wallet is AWESOME!!


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