Mia Adora 3D Fiber Lashes Review

Get the Eyelashes You’ve Always Wanted without Fancy Mascara, Falsies, or Lash Extensions!

I was asked to try the new 3D Fiber Lash Mascara by Mia Adora since I have such fine, thin lashes I of course jumped at the chance. Let me start with a shot of my natural lashes. Well, if you could actually SEE them anyway!


Did you notice? I cut my hair? Super short! As in Jamie Lee Curtis short!! AND I’ve decided to let it go silver!! I know! I am shocked too!
picmonkey_imageSee?? It’s REALLY short!!

Back to my 3D Fiber Lash Mascara by Mia Adora experiment!  Nestled in a black box are two silver tubes. One tube of Magnifying Gel and one tube of Natural Fiber Lashes.

Starting with the box, it’s a great box with a magnet that keeps the box closed. The tubes are also inside a satin cut out. But the best part is the fact that the instructions are clearly printed on the inside lid. That was very helpful for me.

Mia Adora recommends that you apply the product one eye at a time. The first step is to apply the Magnifying Gel from base of your lashes to top; 15-20 strokes. The Magnifying Gel looks like regular mascara except this gel separates your lashes and primes them for the Natural Fibers Lashes. The Natural Fiber Lashes looks like black lint stuck to a mascara wand. These are your fibers.


While the Magnifying Gel is still wet, apply 10-15 strokes of the Natural Fiber Lashes from mid-lash to the top. Wait for 20 seconds for the fibers to dry. Then apply another 15-20 strokes of the Magnifying Gel. This step locks the fibers in place.



Check out these Mink lashes!! This is my finished look with just one full coat (all three steps equals one coat) I am thrilled with how full my lashes look. My lashes are longer, fuller and full of volume. I’m quite pleased!

You can add 2 or even 3 coats for more of a dramatic look.

I wear contact lenses and I had no problem using this 3D Fiber Lash Mascara. I experienced no flakes or smudges either!!

Alice was so enthralled with NaNa’s lashes she couldn’t stop touching them! I guess I should wear make-up and mascara every once-n-awhile so recognizes NaNa in make-up.

More to love is the fact that you can start your base coat with your own mascara for an even more dramatic look. Made with 100% Green Tea, Paraben and SLS Free. 3D Fibers from Mia Adora is never tested on animals.


Are you kidding? How can you whine about having thicker, longer and fuller eyelashes? I have no complaints at all!


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