Micro-Bubble Shower Head


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Every morning since I received this amazing Microbubble shower head from Rejuvenator, I’ve tried to think of a way to describe the sensation. The only thing I can think of is, just like the name suggests, it feels like a million bubbles!!  Showers feel like we all of a sudden have a water softener??  Would you believe me if I said that the water feels soft?? I could stand under this shower head for HOURS!!!  I love the way the water feels!! ADDED bonus! The Rejuvenator Micro Bubble Shower Head uses 30 to 40% less water than a standard shower head…. unless of course you are a blogger that is trying to decide how to describe the feeling… (that is my excuse for the extra-long showers…. and I’m stickin’ too it!!)


I kid you NOT this shower makes my skin feel SOFTER!! WHAAAAA??? A shower head that softens?? I don’t know how. I only know it DOES!! My hair is softer. My hair is SHINIER! It’s like a spa visit every morning in my own shower!!Unlike other showerheads on the market, the Rejuvenator uses the scientifically developed Microbubble Technology™ which generates millions of tiny microbubbles that cleanses the pores of the skin more deeply. By using Microbubble Technology, over 80% of users also report softer and healthier-looking hair.

From package to installed took DH less than 15 minutes!! I’m sure it would have been faster if I hadn’t been behind him taking pictures and coaching the hand placement! It was very easy to install.

Everything is included for a perfect installation.

CHECK out the water stream!! You can SEE bubbles!!!!!!


See??? I was right!! BUBBLES!!!
The Rejuvenator shower head works through the combination of the Venturi Effect and Microbubble Technology™. Ahhhh but what is Venturi Effect?? The Venturi effect is the fluid pressure that results when an incompressible fluid flows through a constricted section of pipe. Our integrated patented solid brass Microbubble oxygenating chamber, or pipe, is the key to this effect. Why did we specify use of a brass Microbubble producing chamber instead of ABS? For a few reasons including its stability, consistency of bubble size, and long-lasting features. It actually replicates expensive shower heads typically used in European Spas. The Venturi effect with our brass Microbubble producing chamber consistently delivers billions of Microbubbles.

This is truly an amazing shower head. I have to admit, I never thought a shower head would make a difference in my daily routine. I was wrong! This thing is AWESOME!!!

Another added bonus, if you have pets that have skin problems?  This will actually HELP their skin!  WOW!!

I give Rejuvenator Micro Bubble Shower Head 10 clean happy toes way UP!!

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Thank you for reading! I’ll see you tomorrow!

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