Miele Vacuums

Does anyone else think that appliance’s take a suicide pack??  I’m sure the appliance’s in our house have.  First the washer, then my car tire. (I’m so talented I got not one, not two but THREE nails in the same tire yesterday!! Yup new tire on order, because of course they don’t carry that tire in stock! So now no car till Tuesday!! (I’ve never wanted to go somewhere… anywhere more in my life!) So anyway, the vacuum gets wind of all the chaos and now it’s time to look for a new vacuum. There are a lot of vacuums out there. I think you can get any color, any shape and of course any price range you want.  I’m looking at the Miele Vacuum cleaners This is a sleek looking vacuum!! I could get an all silver vacuum!! This vacuum is so sleek it looks like a sports car of vacuums!!  This thing has Electrobrush 4800 R.P.M motor. 1,200 Miele made vortex motor.  Swivel neck and on board tools but, my favorite part?  54-Feet Operating Radius!! 39 foot cord, 12 foot flexible suction hose and 3 feet telescopic wand all equals 54 foot reach!!!  54 foot reach! I think I can do the whole house without having to change wall plugs. 
Okay, please….. don’t mention any of this to the fridge or stove, they are both up there in years!!


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