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samsungA couple months back I talked DH into buying me a new phone. I’m LOVIN’ this phone!! It’s a Galaxy 4S. It’s a great phone. It has tons of features! Ton of great apps! Takes amazing photos! Looks awesome! It’s super thin. 

Yup, I love this phone. EXCEPT this phone drains the battery SO fast!! My battery doesn’t last a full day. I’m lucky if it lasts till 4pm!! That is so frustrating!! I use my phone a LOT during the day…. well till 4 that is. I do important things! I take pictures! I also have CANDY to CRUSH!!!

I can’t plug my phone in half way through the day, I need to have it with me, plugged in on the counter isn’t convenient.  I’m so excited because now……… I don’t have tooooooo!! OH YEA!! FINALLY I have a fully charged phone all day!! This is a Genuine Samsung Galaxy Battery Kit. It’s awesome!! The battery is in it’s own case! Along with a thin plastic case to drop in your bag or purse! 

I am so thrilled that I don’t have to limit my phone time OR my Candy Crunching!! I carry my extra battery in even the smallest bags since it only weighs 1.5 ounces!

  • Charge your spare battery from any Micro USB cable or mains charger
  • Same capacity as original battery
  • Official S4 battery features a built-in NFC chip for full phone functionality
  • Genuine Samsung accessory

Samsung3Thank you!! I can use my phone to play music now!! I can do all the cool things this phone WILL DO!!! YEA!!!! 

Another big bonus? sells this battery/case for $53.99. Check out all of the batteries available on MobileFun. 

Have you been to This site has everything and anything for your electronics! Cases, covers, batteries, for iPhone, iPad cases, Blackberry to Galaxy S4. EVERYTHING!!! What would you love to have from MobileFun??

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Okay, I gotta go……. I may be the teenest bit addicted to Candy Crush…… and well…. I have 5 lives now… so…. bye.  

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  • Beufl

    Most of the people face low battery issue with smart phones , as lots of applications running , and lead to exhausted battery very early . You have shared a good site to buy extra battery and i hope people will buy from here 🙂 If i need , then i will also buy from here .

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