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Now, y’all know me, I’m not the biggest or best fitness buff out there. HOWEVER! Watching the now 6-year-old Alice all week-long has proven to me that if I don’t get my lazy tushie into gear I won’t LAST until she is 7! This kid is wearing me OUT!! Look at the smirk in the newborn Alice shot… I should have known I was in trouble!
Alice now 6

First thing I did was order a MoreFit. A fitness tracker with a pretty pink band!! (Squeal! It’s a pretty pink!!) Second thing I did was announced to Alice that we would be walking home from school from now on. So, that’s a 2 mile walk for me everyday. It’s a great start. Right??!  RIGHT!!

As of week number two the walk there takes me 12 to 13 minutes a time which I am thoroughly pleased with. The walk home? 15 to 25 minutes depending on at what point in the walk Miss Alice decides either she is done talking or had to pee. Let me tell you what, if it’s the former, that kid can RUN!! However, jogging is not something I can do other than short bursts followed by long bouts of wheezing! Holy MOLY I’m outta shape! (BTW ROUND!? NOT the shape I like!)
MoreFit Fitness Tracker MoreFit Fitness Tracker
Now that I have had my MoreFit for 2 weeks and I am thoroughly and completely pleased. I have found the MoreFit to be extremely accurate. I borrowed my daughters Fitbit and clipped a step counter to my waistband and all three gave me the same reading for the footstep. I wear my MoreFit on my right hand which is my dominate hand for a more accurate reading. When I wore it on my left hand I found it didn’t match as well to the step counter or the Fitbit.

MoreFit Fitness TrackerThe MoreFit is extremely comfortable to wear. I ordered the pink (Squeal again!! It’s PINK!!) The MoreFit is lightweight, slim and sleek. It will fit a wide range size of wrists.
MoreFit BandsAdded bonus?? There are additional MoreFit bands available!! I can change my band to coordinate my outfit. SWEET!! You KNOW this will be my next Amazon Purchase!!
Fitness Tracker

Set up was probably the easiest I’ve ever used. Syncing was wicked fast to my Samsung Galaxy S8 phone.

The VeryFit app is so easy to use. I can set my MoreFit to vibrate when I have a call, text or even an alert from Facebook. All of my alarms sync to the MoreFit which is amazingly handy!

More things that impress me with the MoreFit are the sedentary alert. I can set the MoreFit to vibrate if I’ve been sitting too long. AND I can set the time frame. So from 10am to 6pm Monday thru Friday my MoreFit will vibrate and tell me to move every 30 minutes. I love this feature.

Set the MoreFit to alarm with Instagram, FB, Twitter, WeChat, Messenger.
MoreFit Fitness TrackerThe sleep setting can sense when you are sleeping and seems very accurate for me. The next morning I can see average sleep, deep sleep and light sleep. I can also see awake time during the night. BTW I have horrible sleep habits!

Battery life. WOW!! I’ve had my MoreFit for 2 weeks and only had to charge it once so far. So I’m thoroughly and totally pleased with the battery.

A simple swipe or touch to the sensor turns the screen of the MoreFit on which pops up the day, date, time and the battery life. Touching the sensor or a swipe shows you the mode, steps taken, miles traveled, calories burned, next alarm.

More to love: No extra parts needed like charging cord!! Just pull off the band nearest the sensor window and there is your USB charge piece.
MoreFit Fitness Tracker


Not a single whine!! My daughter paid over a $100 and I paid under $30. I win!! Mine is pink and pretty, slim and comfortable. I am thoroughly pleased. I am thoroughly and totally loving my MoreFit!!



  • Kate Sarsfield

    This is an excellent price! I especially like the fact that it can give feedback on my sleeping patterns as I have sleep apnoeia but with having to get up in the night to help Mum, I often forget to use my sleep mask.

  • Tamra Phelps

    Well, I do like the price on this one, & it is more attractive than the sportier looking ones. Now, if I could just find one that would actually do the walking for me!

  • CJ

    This looks nice! I have been interested in fitness wearable tech for a while now and this looks like something perfect for me. Thanks! 😀

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