Mority and BabyT together at last!!!

If you are new here you probably don’t know about Mority. (If you care to learn about Mority just click his name for different stories).  ANDddddd when you finish reading this/them you will shake your head and think …….. yea….. coulda gone my whole life withOUT ever knowing about Mority.  Those of you that do know me and Mority are already rolling your eyes and picturing me laughing and clapping with glee.  HOLY CRAP that was a long explanation for these pictures!!!

Sooooooooooooooooooo BabyT and I spent the day together and did a little picture taking.
Baby and toddler Raiders outfits
I’ve kept these outfits a secret for SIX MONTHS!!!! I can’t keep a secret for 6 MINUTES!! This is BIG!!! THIS IS HUGE!!!!
THIS may be the reason Selena and Dan keep me from my Grandbaby!!!
Please let me babysit again… please?!?!
  BabyT already has that “I’ll just humor her and she’ll stop……” look!!!
Baby and toddler Raiders outfits
She would be WRONG!!
Now you know all about Mority…. more than you ever wanted…… soooooo you’ll come back right??  Right???  Please!?!?!


  • AlicesMom

    Dear Nonnies Day Care,

    We regret to inform you that we will no longer be using your services. Our termination of your services will be effective immediately and are for the following reasons: violation of babysitting doctrine section 1453, subsection b which states: she who babysits my child will not subject said infant to cruel and unusual punishment. Subsection c, which states, any use or exposure of said child to creepy plastic Halloween dolls is cause for immediate termination of babysitting agreement and requires that you pay for all subsequent therapy resulting from said exposure. Enclosed please find your final payment and a spanking!

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