Morningside Recovery

Morningside recovery

With the way things are now days, money stresses, job stress, family stress…….. it’s easy to see why some people turn to drugs and alcohol. Only problem is, that can turn into an addiction. Then you’ve made a bad situation even worse!
Morningside Recovery, located near me in Newport Beach is a recovery center that is dedicated to help you get your life back!!  Morningside Recovery is a drug addiction, alcoholism and mental health recovery center.
What I really love about Morningside is the dual-diagnosis treatment. They treat the psychological disorder or trauma that led you to the substance abuse in the first place! THEN they can treat those issues that have affected you mentally and physically.
Morningside provides the highest quality treatment with outstanding staff members. Morningside is a tranquil and serene center that focuses on the mind and the body!
I like that Morningside also offers outdoor activities. Things that will help you in real life! An outlet for your stress instead of the drugs or alcohol!  Rock climbing, hiking, nature walks, camping and many more activities. Between that and the art program, there will be something for everyone!!
Long term recovery is just a mouse click away. Morningside Recovery has several locations on the Southern California coast.


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