Mother Daughter Matching Dresses From ETCYY!!

Alice is over the moon at the prospect of matching Mommy and Me dresses. She insisted we change into the dresses the moment we walked into the house. Once in our dresses she insisted that we go for a walk in our “fancy matching dresses”. So they are definitely a hit! Much twirling, curtsying and spinning. I love the length, for myself and for my 6-year-old daughter. Alice looks so grown up in this black and red dress. While the neckline is great for kids and for small, busted women, it’s not so flattering for full bossomed women like myself. ball gownWedding Dresses The dress is incredibly comfortable and well sewn. It’s not a repetitive pattern rather separate panels sewn together which I love.


While I wanted to love this dress, the cut is not for me. I’m a chubby little apple shape and the dress does nothing to mask that. I added a wide belt to give the appearance of a waist and that made me feel a little better but I longed to cover my arms with a sweater. For my more slender counterparts in Mommi-opolis this will beautifully highlight your shape, don’t let my self conscientious nature prevent you from owning this really fun, loose-fitting and crazy comfortable dress. On the other hand blowing my daughters mind with matching dresses makes it totally worth my discomfort! This post was written by my darling daughter Selena. For the record……. that same angelic face freaked out when The Non wanted to wear the matching dress. FINE!! I will just go get my own!! I wonder how my 40-year-old daughter will feel about having Mommy Daughter Dresses?!?! [ReviewDisclaimer]


  • Tamra Phelps

    I wish I was a ‘chubby apple shape’–I’m a fat apple, lol. I understand your feeling that it didn’t suit your shape, but I think you looked great in it; the belt accentuated the waist & you & Alice looked lovely. Alice totally has the modeling thing down, lol!

  • Karen R

    Very pretty dresses. I love the red and black. Alice looks so cute. I could only wish it would look as good on me.

  • Rosie

    Wow you can see how much your daughter loves this! Nice concept, and I did make a matching special occasion dress for me and my niece, but I got to pick something good for me, too!!!

  • CJ

    These pictures are so lovely. There is nothing like the bond and close relationship mothers and daughters have. Thanks for sharing this with all of us… It really made me smile. 😀

  • michele

    Oh gosh it might not be the best fit but mother and daughter dresses are so nice.. makes me remember my childhood.. Mom and I had mother and daughter dresses and a matching bathing suit for the summer.. memories . thank you Connie…

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