Multifunctional Laptop Table

I work from my laptop everyday and usually situated on the couch. The laptop gets hot and after a while my neck and shoulders start to feel the stress. I was very intrigued with this HOMDOX-XT Laptop-Table-Stand and couldn’t wait for it to arrive.

TrayThe laptop table is able to adjust in several ways. There are three legs on each side and each folding leg has a push-in knob so you can adjust your table to any height or angle you need.  The tray itself is 19″ wide and then with the legs it’s 23″. The tray is 10¼” deep.  The entire thing is only 1½” deep. The tray has a lot of ventilation holes; along with the fact that the computer is up off my lap really helps!!  Each leg has fixed joints with numerical degree markings imprinted on them so you can be certain you are adjusting the desk to be level all the way around. Simply push in where the numbers are to move them. There is a loud clicking noise when you lock the legs in place.

There is a ½” lip on the tray to keep my laptop in place. For added security there are two additional plastic ‘anti-skid’ stops that give me a 1″ lip.

The tray is made with strong magnesium and aluminum alloy. Painted in black it looks great too. It’s lightweight. Folds down to 1½” so it’s easy to store away.

Added bonus is the tray that can be attached for your mouse.  I personally don’t use a mouse other than my mouse pad on the laptop so I haven’t used that feature.


The trouble I’m having is that where I sit on the couch is 21″. The cushions are separate and have actual breaks between the cushions. So the tray is always a little bit off. However in bed? This computer table is amazingly sturdy and completely adjustable for comfort.



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