Must Have Tools For Remote Businesses


As a remote business you’ll be facing both the good times and the challenges! When you don’t have all staff in one place, you’ve got to get creative with communication. What’s more, productivity can be harder to achieve from a home office. Whether it’s for collaboration, design or conferencing; thankfully there are some handy tools out there. Here come a few of the must- have tools for remote businesses. 


If you haven’t heard about Zoom yet, it’s a video conferencing tool that’s ideal for remote businesses. Zoom is easy to use and has excellent video and audio quality both. The ‘Meetings’ function is designed perfectly for remote teams to collaborate. Your teams can benefit from screen sharing and whiteboard features to make the most of their projects. Zoom also provides features that allow you to host webinars seamlessly. 


Slack is a top tool which provides real-time messaging between your employees. Again, this is fantastic for remote operations. Slack offers the opportunity to share files and to archive messages. With Slack, you can also integrate third-party apps. There are many different channels which are easy to organize. The channels can provide one-to-one or group communication. Video and voice calls are also accessible within Slack. When your employees can collaborate so efficiently, you’ll find that morale and quality of work improve! 


When you need to deal with your invoices, sites like Lucidpress can be a lifesaver in generating some free templates. You’ll find a range of different templates here; from magazines to letterheads or flyers. Lucidpress provides a design platform that’s easy to get the hang of. It’s simple to customize your designs and share them online too. Lucidpress also allows you to print your designs should you require this function. 

Google Docs 

Google Docs makes it effortless for remote teams to share and collaborate on many different documents. You can grant access instantly to the correct users, including permission to edit. It’s easy to save docs, images, videos and recordings. Google Docs constantly saves as you go. It’s pretty much impossible to lose anything important (phew)! It’s also possible to work offline as required. 


Trello is a popular tool for project management. It’s a visual board representing tasks via digital cards. It’s also free and arrives with a range of great features. With Trello, you can use drag and drop to move tasks around quickly. You can also color code all of the tasks. The color coding helps employees know which ones belong to them. It’s simple to assign all projects and due dates. You can also leave comments related to progress. If you need to invite new people in to view the boards, this is very straightforward.

With the digital world at our fingertips, remote working has come a long way. You’ll find that business productivity increases once you have the right resources. It’s best to try out a few different options and see which ones your team favor.

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